Master of Arts Programs


The mission of the Master of Arts program is to produce biblically, theologically, and spiritually discerning Christian thinkers who can serve the body of Christ in lay, parachurch or academic ministries. The Master of Arts program provides both a general biblical, theological, and spiritual foundation for reflection and a specialized focus on a discipline crucial to fulfilling Talbot’s mission and from which students can serve or go on for advanced study.

Biblical and Theological Training

Graduates will know the basic contents of all books of the Old and New Testaments and the broad historical and cultural background information relevant to study of the Old and New Testaments.  Graduates will be able to exegete and apply a biblical text properly through application of historical-grammatical hermeneutics.  Graduates will know the broad history of the Church and the major elements of orthodox Christian theology, including biblical foundations, and students will be able to integrate their interpretation of a biblical text within a larger biblical and systematic theology.

Spiritual Development

Graduates will more deeply understand and participate in life in Christ, cooperating with the transforming work of the Holy Spirit, for the purpose of transformation into the image of Christ through union with Him.

Discipline Training

Graduates will be able to explain and evaluate the major trends in the history and current state of their respective emphasized disciplines, including important persons, works and issues.

Roles Upon Graduation

Graduates will be able to perform and report research in their respective disciplines at a first-year doctoral level.  Our graduates will expect to fill positions in the following areas: doctoral study, teaching positions, youth ministry, and spiritual direction.

Assessment of Educational Effectiveness 

For a comprehensive assessment of educational effectiveness for the Master of Arts program, please visit our University Outcomes pages here

Master of Arts Outcome page

Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care

Master of Arts in Christian Ministry and Leadership

Master of Arts in Christian Education

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