MDiv - Master of Divinity


The mission of the Master of Divinity degree program is to equip servant leaders for making disciples worldwide by developing in them an accurate knowledge of the Word of God, the skills necessary to communicate the Gospel effectively, and character worthy of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ for the leading of the church.

Biblical and Theological Training

Master of Divinity students will learn pertinent background information for Bible books, the evangelical principles of literary interpretation of the Word of God, and exegetical skills for the exposition of biblical texts from the original languages. Master of Divinity students will be cognizant of and value the historical development of doctrine and the significance of this history for the contemporary situation.

Ministry Skills Training

Master of Divinity students will learn basic relationship skills, counseling skills, ethical guidelines in pastoral counseling, and develop a plan for referring some counselees.  Master of Divinity students will learn to apply the biblical author's intended purpose of a Bible passage in a manner relevant to the lives of their hearers.

Spiritual Development

Talbot School of Theology purposes to develop the spiritual life of our students in harmony with the great doctrines of the faith.

Roles Upon Graduation

Master of Divinity students expect to fill positions in pastoral ministry, church planting, youth ministry, university teaching, and doctoral study.

Assessment of Educational Effectiveness

For a comprehensive assessment of educational effectiveness for the MDiv - Master of Divinity program, please visit our University Outcomes page here

Master of Divinity Outcome Page

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