PhD - Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies & EdD - Doctor of Education in Educational Studies


The mission of the doctoral programs in educational studies (Ph.D. and Ed.D.) of Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, is to mentor men and women with evident gifts of leadership and teaching in mind and character, within a Christian community of scholars and practitioners, to make contributions, from a distinctly Christian perspective, in scholarship for and in the practice of Christian educational studies and ministry within God’s Kingdom—as faculty in educational institutions, as leaders in ministry organizations, and as pastoral staff in local churches, throughout the world—in order to nurture the faith and maturity of children, youth and adults.

Theological Training

We are committed to the integrative synthesis of social science research and theory within a Christian worldview. Theological reflection and integration are major features of our programs as we encourage an interdisciplinary study of issues relevant to teaching and leadership in Christian education.

Development of Research Competence

There are many issues and concerns in the field of Christian education that need careful study if we are going to provide wise and effective leadership and instruction for the future. We are committed to equipping our students with the tools they need to evaluate and apply current research and conduct their own research to strengthen the practice of Christian education.  This includes broad library holdings and computer access to a wide range of relevant academic data bases, and access to selected elective courses both within Talbot and in the School of Intercultural Studies and Rosemead School of Psychology, both of which also offer Ph.D. programs.


The diversity of cultural, educational, and ministry experience our students bring to the classroom enriches our discussion and stimulates our thinking with a wide variety of issues and perspectives.

Roles Upon Graduation

The doctoral course of study is designed for men and women to enhance their leadership roles in a variety of educational ministries within God’s Kingdom—the local church, educational institutions, parachurch, and ministry organizations throughout the world.

Assessment of Educational Effectiveness 

For a comprehensive assessment of the educational effectiveness for the PhD and EdD

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