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Biblical Inerrancy

Talbot School of Theology is committed to biblical inerrancy. By biblical inerrancy, we mean that the Bible is without errors of any kind in its original manuscripts. Biblical inerrancy is an essential part of our ministry training and helps define our view of biblical authority.

Conservative Theology

Talbot School of Theology is committed to conservative evangelical theology and the historic doctrines of the Christian church. All of our faculty and students are Protestant, evangelical Christians who agree with the seminary's doctrinal statement. The seminary has remained faithful to its biblical foundation for more than 50 years.

Biblical Scholarship

Talbot School of Theology is committed to biblical scholarship that engages contemporary ideas from a decidedly evangelical perspective. At Talbot, we realize that today's ministry challenges include attacks on the most fundamental beliefs of the Christian faith. Therefore, our faculty remains actively involved in contemporary scholarship so our students can receive the highest quality seminary education available.

Spiritual Formation Focus

Talbot School of Theology is committed to preparing ministry leaders to live godly lives. Through our Spiritual Formation Focus program, students will prepare for the challenges that come with ministry including issues involving relationships, emotions, spiritual maturity and character. At Talbot, we believe effective ministry leaders are those who are intentional about their walk with God.

Christian Community

Talbot School of Theology is committed to fostering a Christian community of tenderhearted scholars who know what they believe and why; who have gracious humble hearts; and who, together, are growing in their love for Jesus Christ. As a community of grace, the seminary's faculty and students work together to encourage and build up one another in faith knowing that together they can meet the challenges of ministry with greater strength.

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