Talbot Objectives


The Mission of Talbot School of Theology is the development of disciples of Jesus Christ whose thought processes, character and lifestyles reflect those of our Lord, and who are dedicated to disciple making throughout the world.

Theological Training

The theological position of Talbot School of Theology is Christian, Protestant and theologically conservative. The seminary is interdenominational by nature and is thoroughly committed to the proclamation of the great historic doctrines of the Christian church. Talbot School of Theology definitely and positively affirms historic orthodoxy in the framework of an evangelical and premillennial theology which is derived from a grammatico-historical interpretation of the Bible. The seminary earnestly endeavors to make these great doctrinal truths a vital reality in the spiritual life of this present generation. The seminary aims to train students who believe and propagate the great doctrines of the faith as they are summarized in our Statement of Doctrine and teaching position.

Spiritual Development

It is the purpose of Talbot School of Theology to develop in the lives of its students a spiritual life which is in harmony with the great doctrines taught, in order that they may grow in the grace as well as in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Specifically, the seminary's goal is to educate and graduate students characterized by practical Christian service, missionary and evangelistic zeal and an adequate knowledge of the Scriptures. To accomplish these objectives the seminary conducts a chapel program and gives attention to its students' service opportunities.

Academic Excellence

It is the purpose of the seminary to provide its students with the best in theological education in order that they may be equipped to preach and teach the Word of God intelligently and present it zealously to the world. In keeping with this goal, every department of Talbot School of Theology is geared to emphasize the clear and accurate exposition of the Scriptures. The biblical languages are utilized to expose the inner meaning of the inspired text. Bible exposition, whether by synthesis or analysis, presents a connected and related interpretation of the infallible Book. Systematic theology moves toward a well organized and structured arrangement of biblical truth. Historical theology engages itself to acquaint the student with the progress of the inerrant Word among the household of faith throughout the Christian era. Philosophy of religion furnishes the elements whereby the servant of Christ may give a well-marshalled reason for the faith that is within. Missions, Christian ministry and leadership, and Christian education strive to perfect in the student a skillful and winsome presentation of the truth, privately and publicly. Talbot School of Theology stands for one faith, one integrated curriculum, one eternal Word of God and its effective proclamation to a modern generation with its multiplicity of needs.

Practical Preparation

It is the purpose of the seminary to prepare for the gospel ministry those who believe, live and preach the great historic doctrines of faith which have been committed to the church. To realize these broad objectives, the seminary offers nine degree programs, each with its own distinctive purpose.

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