Talbot Support Ministries (TSM)

TSM is a service-oriented ministry directed toward recent Talbot alumni and their spouses who are primarily focused on pastoral or missions careers. This program, led by Director Dr. Mick Boersma and his wife, is distinguished by commitment to the following distinctives:


Established with incoming students, continued through seminary studies and the first five to seven years of professional ministry.


The program director and his wife have extensive experience in ministry and work to keep current onchanges and issues affecting Talbot graduates.


An environment is provided in which alumni are assured of confidentiality and freedom to share their lives openly.


TSM initiates and maintains contact with alumni through newsletters, personal notes, phone calls, e-mail and on-site visits when possible.


TSM seeks to provide helpful resources such as networking with other graduates, contact with placement opportunities and professional and personal counsel.



Talbot Magazine

Talbot magazine is published twice a year by the University Communications and Marketing office at Biola University, and is sent free of charge to alumni, supporters and friends of Biola’s Talbot School of Theology. 

Financial Stewardship for Future Ministers

Talbot School of Theology is committed to helping you practice good stewardship of your gifts and resources. Explore our financial stewardship page for a variety of media resources that provide biblical and practical guidance on how to manage money.

Center for Faith, Work & Economics

The Talbot Center for Faith, Work and Economics exists to provide the local church with resources to help Christians live an integrated life — at home, in their communities and in the workplace.

Talbot Placement Resource Guide (PDF)

A great source of info on Christian camps, chaplaincies, denominational resources, Christian education, missions organizations and placement organizations.

Talbot Placement

Specifically for current students and alumni looking for part-time or full-time pastoral/director positions within churches or para-church organizations; for church and Para church organizations wishing to post these specific positions.

Resource Guide (PDF)

Wm. B. Eerdmans is offering highly discounted packages of commentary resources to all Talbot alumni. We want to thank our brethren at Eerdmans for their generosity. These commentaries are among the best available anywhere today.

Resource Guide (PDF)

My Legacy Planner is an easy-to-use online tool to help you and your church in lifetime stewardship. Check it out to review your current will or estate plans. This is offered as a free resource to Talbot alumni. It is also available as a resource that churches can use on their local website. Click here to get started today. For more info, contact Ron Blomberg in the Office Principle & Planned Giving at or 1.800.445.4749. 


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