Campus Crusade Partnership

Rick Franklin & Walt Russell

A Powerful Partnership

Whether your mission is to reach every student on every campus or to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the boardroom, the inner city, or around the globe, ministry today is increasingly complex and demanding. As a result, effective ministry requires the ability to think critically, to relate authentically, and to know God’s Word deeply.

In response to these essential needs, Talbot School of Theology and Campus Crusade for Christ have entered into a distinctive partnership characterized by a compelling theological education coupled with intentional character formation.

As one of the leading evangelical seminaries in the United States, Talbot offers you an opportunity to engage some of the sharpest minds in the fields of Old Testament, New Testament, theology, philosophy, Christian education, and pastoral studies.

Talbot’s faculty are not only internationally recognized scholars, but many have been associated with Campus Crusade as full-time staff and IBS instructors, such as Dr. J. P. Moreland, Dr. Walt Russell, Dr. Dave Horner, and Dr. Scott Rae. In light of their experience with Campus Crusade, Talbot faculty uniquely understand the demands you face and your need for spiritual development.

In addition to world-class instruction, Talbot offers you a solid biblical education integrated with character formation. As part of the Intentional Character Development program, every Talbot student progresses through a transformative process combining classroom, small group, and mentoring experiences.

For over 50 years, Talbot has equipped men and women to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Through this unique partnership between Talbot and Campus Crusade for Christ, you now have the opportunity to sharpen your abilities to think critically, to relate authentically, and to know God’s Word deeply.


Brian Owen
Campus Ministry,
Theological Development Coordinator, Pacific Southwest Region

Talbot’s Institute for Spiritual Formation offered me more than head knowledge and the ability to articulate correct answers to doctrinal issues.  I was provided with the tools to grow in a deeper knowledge of both God and myself.  I was invited into a season of intense spiritual growth that equipped me to return to full time ministry with a greater capacity to help others open more deeply to Christ and His ongoing work in their hearts.”

Ivan John and Chin Ai Liew
Singapore Campus Crusade for Christ staff

 “Just as a skillful workman has tools he uses, Talbot provided a set of quality tools we can use in ministry.  My wife and I were blessed to have the time and space to deepen our faith and walk with God through our Talbot experience.”

Rick Franklin
International Staff,
Eastern Europe & Russia

I have benefited tremendously from my studies at Talbot.  Not only have I received a top level, evangelical education that is firmly and thoroughly grounded in the Word of God, but I have also seen God at work in my life in remarkable ways through the various classes I’ve taken.”

Matthew Bazemore
Current Talbot student, Campus Crusade for Christ staff

I wish I could go back in time and start ministry over because of the knowledge I have gained here at Talbot.  I am more prepared than ever to return to full-time ministry.

Benefits of the Partnership

  • It’s practical — Pursue graduate studies while remaining in your current assignment.
  • It’s diverse — A wide variety of degree programs and emphases are available.
  • It’s flexible — Coursework can be completed through a variety of course offerings.
  • It’s integrative — Taking classes while in full-time ministry provides immediate opportunities to integrate coursework into practical ministry.
  • It’s cost effective — Staff receive a 35% tuition reduction.

How the Partnership Works

Upon acceptance into the program of your choice (an application is required for admittance into a degree program at Talbot), you can pursue courses through:

  • IBS courses (up to 12 units of credit may be granted for approved IBS courses)
  • Independent studies (selected courses available on DVD, CD-ROM, or audiotape)
  • One, two, or three-week intensive courses offered during interterm (January) or summer
  • Evening and Saturday courses for staff living in southern California

In general, a combination of these course formats will be required in order to fulfill the requirements necessary for graduation. As such, the time it will take to complete a degree will depend on the degree program chosen and the pace at which courses are taken.

Download the Visiting Student Application (PDF).

Intensive courses on-campus

Each January, as well as in the Summer, there are intensive graduate level courses held on Talbot’s main campus in Southern California. These are typically three weeks in length and provide a full semester’s worth of teaching in that timeframe. Campus Crusade and other missionary organizations staff members can learn while on furlough and begin to earn an M.A. in Theological and Biblical Studies/Divsersified.

The M.A. is a total of 66 units and includes teaching from renowned experts in the Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, Apologetics, and Philosophy. Specific emphases are selected by the student for more in-depth study.


Campus Crusade Staff receive a 35% discount off of regular tuition.

Degree Program

Check out the full MA in Biblical and Theological Studies/Diversified degree program.

Talbot Faculty are Internationally Recognized

“We want to provide Campus Crusade staff with the very best in theological training so that they can minister effectively for Christ around the world.”

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