About the Project

collage of educators

The "Christian Educators of the 20th Century Project" is an effort to pull together information on influential Protestant, Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christian/religious education leaders of the 20th century and make it available to people all over the world for research and as a reference work. It is a web-based database providing biographical and bibliographical information on these leaders to assist others in understanding the development of Christian religious education in North America over this past century. The project covers approximately 215 Protestant, Roman Catholic and Orthodox, who have helped shape Christian/religious education since the founding of the Religious Education Association in 1903. Entries include: biographical essays, pictures, bibliographies of their publications and others about them and their work, excerpts of their works demonstrating their ideas (where permission can be obtained), and assessments of their influence within the field of Christian education. The project has a peer-review board and is designed to help facilitate historical, philosophical, and theological research in the broad field of Christian religious education.

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