Nominations: Final Phase

Now Launching Final Phase of the Christian Educators of the 20th Century Project

Criteria for Nomination and Evaluation of Possible Entries in this Phase:

The first phase of this project focused on those who were already deceased, retired, or past age 70 when we started the project. To complete the project we now want to consider all remaining persons who made a "significant contribution" to the field of Christian religious education in the North American context. The following criteria will be used in the review process:

1. The project is focused on the 20th century. There are many people active and making significant contributions today who were born in the 20th century, but for this project there must be clear, significant, contributions identifiable within the 20th century by the person to be considered. Those whose major contributions have been primarily since the new century started will not be considered.

2. The nominated persons should be recognized by others within the field of Christian religious education for their contributions to the development of the field, not just their contributions through teaching. (Our favorite professors may not necessarily belong in this project.)

3. This recognition can either be at a denominational level (significant influence and leadership within the denomination) or broader across denominational lines or within particular ethnic communities. Some people have contributed broadly across the field while others have done more within their own tradition. Both should be recognized in this project.

4. While publication of writings is one important way to influence the field, it is not the only way. Those whose influence has been more through leadership roles that have resulted in changes in how Christian religious education is carried out should also be considered. (e.g., people who pioneered movements, led organizations who have made a major contribution to the field, invested their lives as leaders enabling others to carry out work within the field)

5. There must also be the ability to recruit a person capable of doing the research and writing of the entry.


One way to summarize the above is to think of teaching a class about the history of Christian religious education in the 20th century. If you were to have the time needed, who would you want to include to tell the story of how Christian religious education developed and was carried forward in this century? Who would you recommend students do research papers on to better understand their contributions to the field? These are the people we want within this project. Unfortunately, we cannot include everyone who ever taught or wrote in the field, nor all those who we respect for their lives and teaching.

Nomination Form:

A nomination form is available here for use in making a nomination of someone to be added to the Christian Educators of the 20th Century project.

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Nomination Form:
Final Phase

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