Instructions for Reviewers

Goal - To develop a web-document that includes the following kinds of materials/information:

1. Pictures of the Person

We will handle the photos. You will not have to worry about this.

2. Summary Paragraph

Does the summary paragraph address the major aspects of this person's life and work? Does it include birth/death information, denominational affiliation (if important), major contributions?

3. Biographical Information

As thorough as possible, from 5 to 10 pages, APA format. Read this essay for completeness of major information about the person. Check to see if it contains information about the following:

  • Birth information, where he/she grew up, early religious background
  • Educational background from bachelor's degree and higher, including who he/she studied under, dissertation topic
  • Educational ministry and teaching experience (where, when)
  • Major influences on his/her thinking, focus of early work/writings
  • Major initiatives/projects/writings undertaken
  • People he/she influenced who went on to contribute to the field
  • Positions held, organizations belonged to, groups begun
  • If retired: where now, what he/she is doing
  • If deceased: death information

If possible, do a quick check in resources available to you to see if this essay is thorough and accurate in what it addresses.

4. Summary of his/her contributions to the field of CE (3-5 pages)

This section will be more subjective. Please read it to see if you think the author fairly represents the impact of this person on the field of Christian education. If not, please note what you think should be addressed. If you have pertinent information that the author does not take into account in this essay, please write a brief explanation for us to send to him/her.

5. Bibliography of published works, presentations, audio/video tapes, etc.

This section is to be an exhaustive listing of materials by this person and about him/her. Check to see if this bibliography includes everything you are aware of by this person. If not, please identify any additional materials that ought to be included, or resources that should be checked for more items. The list should include books, articles, book reviews, audio tapes, video tapes, unpublished works, and the location(s) of special collections of papers. It can be broken into two sections: works by them, and works about them.

  1. Please do a quick check in a few relevant online databases to see if the author has identified all relevant materials by and about this person. (e.g., WorldCat, ATLA, Religious and Theological Abstracts, ERIC, Dissertation Abstracts. Note: Search for them both as author and as subject)
  2. Are all entries in proper APA format? Note: APA has come out with their fifth edition (2001). All titles that were previously underlined are now to be italicized. Please check the format of the entries to see if they conform to APA standards. If not, note those that need to be revised. (See sample sheet)

6. Excerpts from major influential works

The author was to identify selections from publications that give an insight into this person's ideas. We will seek permission to include some in the web-page entry if possible. Please read over the entries identified. In your opinion, do they communicate the author's ideas well? If not, are there other excerpts you would recommend be used? Please identify. Also, do the entries include a full reference in APA format?

7. Recommended reading List

The author was to identify a reading list for people who are not familiar with this person's ideas/efforts and include annotations to introduce each publication. Does the list identified provide a good introduction? If not, what other readings would you recommend be included? Are the annotations helpful? Please give your suggestions in APA format.

8. Other resources

Do you have any other suggestions for how this entry might be improved? Feel free to comment on writing style and clarity, other resources or information about the subject that should be shared with our readers.

9. Author Information

Does the author include her/his name, degree and school, position title and institution served, (and any information about previous research/writing on this person)?

Instructions for submitting your review and receiving a stipend for your work

Please complete your review of the entry you receive and return it within 30 days to Kevin Lawson at the address below. Once your review has been processed, you will receive a stipend of $50 for your efforts. Be sure to send a memo with the review providing your Social Security number so we can process your stipend.

portrait of Taylor and June McConnell

Any Questions

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