Instructions for Writers

Goal - To develop a web-document that includes the following kinds of materials/information:

1. Pictures of the Person

  • Preference given to a picture of them in their earlier years, not after retirement. Feel free to locate and include several photos for the editors to select from.
  • Photos in electronic format are preferred. Save as JPG files and submit separately.

2. Summary Paragraph

Provide a brief (3-4 sentence) paragraph addressing the person's birth date (and death date if necessary), denominational tradition, and major contributions to the field of Christian education (CE). This will be used with the picture as an introduction to the entry.

3. Biographical Information

As thorough as possible, from 5 to 10 pages, APA format. All material in this entry should be in Word format! Text should be single-spaced using Times New Roman (12 pt.).

  • Include reference list of published biographical information if available
  • Sources:
    • Begin by reviewing their own writings for information about them
    • If dead, locate obituaries, colleagues, family members
    • If living, locate and request vita and/or other relevant materials
    • If book or journal issue published in their memory, locate
    • Check encyclopedia or dictionary of CE, "Who's Who" books
    • Check books on history/philosophy/theology of CE, intro to CE texts
    • Check dissertations, journal articles, about them or their ideas
    • If living and published materials about them are limited, do an interview or request an autobiographical overview of their life
    • Search in relevant databases for the person as subject
  • Types of Information to get: (As much as possible)
    • Birth information, where they grew up, religious background, full educational background, who they studied under, dissertation topic, educational ministry experience, major influences on their thinking, focus of early writings, major writings/projects, major contributions to the field of CE, teaching experience, people they in turn influenced, positions held, organizations they started or belonged to, death information.

4. Develop a summary of their contributions to the field of CE (3-5 pages)

  • Locate and review other people's assessments of their contribution/influence in CE. What were they noted for? Who did they influence?
  • History of CE books, books that review various approaches to CE
  • Check Religious Education Journal (REJ) and Christian Education Journal (CEJ) for historical or philosophical comparison articles
  • Search for them as subject in relevant databases
  • Give your own assessment of their impact on the field of CE.

5. Bibliography of published works, presentations, audio/video tapes, etc.

Try for an exhaustive list, including publications, audio and video tapes, unpublished works. Note where collections of their work, or about their work, are located.

  • If living, see if they have a list they can give you (may be in their vita)
  • Check recent books they wrote for references to their other works
  • If dead, see if REJ has a notice of their death that would include their published works
  • If retired or deceased, the last school they taught at may be of some help (library archives, C.E. department, etc.)
  • Check dissertations or other studies about them to see if there is a list of works already compiled. Give credit to the source if you use this.
  • Search in on-line data bases for them as subject
  • Use APA format (5th edition). See sample sheet from project director.
  • If the lists you use do not include all expected information, please note this.

6. Bibliography of reviews of their major works (Also APA format)

  • Religious Education Journal and Christian Education Journal may have reviewed some of their writings.
  • See "Book Reviews" data base
  • Check ATLA, RTA, Dissertation Abstracts, ProQuest Religion, WorldCat, etc.

7. Excerpts from the person's major influential works

  • Identify and provide selections that give an insight into the person's ideas. We will seek permission to include some in the web-page entry if possible.
  • Try to identify 3-4 excerpts that give a good introduction to the person's perspective on CE. Identify and include these excerpts with the final draft of this project (along with full reference info, APA format).

8. Develop a "recommended reading" list

  • For those seeking an introduction to the person and his/her ideas and insights.
  • Provide annotation (2-3 sentences) to help the reader know what the work is about.

9. Other resources

  • Be on the look out for other types of materials about the person or by them.
  • Example: What library has the most materials by this person? Is there an archive you can recommend? Are there websites you can recommend?

10. Author example

Your name, degree and school it was earned at, position title and institution served, any previous research/publications you have carried out related to this person you have written.

portrait of verna dozier

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