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Joanne Jung

As a Talbot student, you'll certainly stumble upon one of those moments. They happen in hallways, offices and parking lots and anywhere in between: those serendipitous hermeneutical, theological, pedagogical and life-on-life jam sessions. Conventional wisdom knows that lifelong learners grow best in community, and what a community we have at Talbot!

Dr. Joanne Jung Assistant Professor, Biblical Studies and Theology

Master's Programs

  • Master of Arts

    64-66 units


    • Bible Exposition
    • Biblical and Theological Studies/Diversified
    • New Testament
    • Old Testament
    • Philosophy
    • Spiritual Formation
    • Theology (Greek Track)
    • Theology (Non-Greek Track)
  • Master of Arts in Christian Education

    60 units


    • Adult/Family Ministry
    • Children's Ministry
    • Cross-cultural Education Ministry
    • General Christian Education
    • Youth Ministry
  • Master of Arts in Christian Ministry and Leadership

    64-66 units


    • Pastoral Care & Counseling
    • Women’s Ministries
  • Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care

    66 units

  • Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

    96-98 units


    • Christian Education
    • Evangelism and Discipleship
    • Messianic Jewish Studies
    • Missions & Intercultural Studies
    • Pastoral and General Ministries
    • Pastoral Care and Counseling
    • Spiritual Formation
  • Master of Theology (Th.M.)

    26 units


    • Bible Exposition
    • Missions & Intercultural Studies
    • New Testament
    • Old Testament & Semitics
    • Theology (emphasis in Historical Theology)
    • Theology (emphasis in Systematic Theology)

Doctoral Programs

Certificate Programs

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