TTSF 503 - Personal Foundations for Spiritual Formation

A theological and experiential exploration into human relationships and issues related to gender, romance, marriage, family and parenting as they relate to spiritual growth. Course includes an investigation into the impact of personal and family history on theological outlook, emotional congruence, relational attractions and moral decisions. Several personal assessments as well as one or more therapy sessions are an integral part of this course. Spiritual community and intercessory prayer will be experienced as students enter relationship within the spiritual direction group to explore deeply their relational capacity at the heart of how Christ is formed in them, thereby developing deeper levels of trust and vulnerability.

Prerequisite: TTSF 501. Spiritual Formation Focus course; not open to ISF students.

Units: 2

Fee: $210.00

Notes: Required of all Talbot Students not in a Spiritual Formation academic program. Cohort groups will continue to meet and a one-day group spiritual retreat at a retreat center will be required.