TTSF 504 - Spiritual Formation, Vocation, & the Disciplines

A theological and experiential exploration of the believer’s vocation and the various “callings” in the Bible as it relates to the general call of loving God and neighbor, a training in righteousness and conformity to Christ’s image. Explores the panoply of spiritual disciplines sanctioned by the Bible and developed throughout Church history in order to enter deeply into one’s calling. This learning takes place in a spiritual direction group context of individual students and includes various modalities of learning. A 24-hour spiritual retreat at a retreat center is required.  The retreat focuses on various spiritual disciplines and one’s relation to the various calls of God in one’s life, particularly one’s personal call to ministry. Students complete the personal progress review in this course [see Talbot’s Spiritual Formation Focus section in Talbot School of Theology].

Prerequisite: TTSF 503. Spiritual Formation Focus course; not open to ISF students.

Units: 0.

Fee: $210.00

Notes: Required of all Talbot Students not in a Spiritual Formation academic program. Credit / No Credit.