TTSF 578 - Soul Care Pre-practicum II & Professional Referral

The second of a two-course sequence which facilitates development of empathic listening, interpersonal skills and basic spiritual guidance techniques. Direct observation and taping of the student’s first clinical spiritual direction practicum in the university’s Center for Spiritual Renewal provide a supervised introduction to the spiritual direction process. It also educates students to recognize more severe disorders that require psychological or psychiatric referral.

Prerequisite: TTSF 577. Institute for Spiritual Formation program course; open to students in Spiritual Formation academic programs only.

Units: 3.

Notes: A passing grade for this course is B or better. In addition, students will be evaluated to determine if they will advance to Practicum I, repeat Prepracticum course(s), transfer to TTPT 791 / 792 Field Internship (for M.Div. Students) or have the option to transfer to the M.A. Concentration program (for M.A. Soul Care students). Course should be taken concurrently with or subsequent to TTSF 524.