TTSF 672 - Personal Retreat & Formation

Each M.A. concentration and Certificate student is required to go on one weekend retreat (Friday to Sunday) each semester for the purpose of cultivating the inner life before God (a total of four weekend retreats or two for Certificate). This is to be done in consultation with one’s designated spiritual mentor and one’s advisor before and after the experience. Student costs for such retreats are the responsibility of each student. The first half of this classroom course, taken early in the program (2 credits for both M.A. concentration and Certificate students), will cover theory and preparation for retreat. The second half (2 credits for M.A. concentration only), taken late in the program, and after completing the retreats, will serve to debrief and further understand the retreat process.

Prerequisite: Institute for Spiritual Formation program course; open to students in Spiritual Formation academic programs only.

Units: 1 - 4.