Master of Arts in Christian Ministry and Leadership

Pastoral Care and Counseling

Units by Discipline
Total Units Price per unit Bible Exposition Intercultural Studies Languages Philosophy Practical Ministry Research / Christian Education Spiritual Formation Theology Electives
49 $621 3 0 0 0 24 0 7 9 6


As a result of this program, the student will:

  • Develop empathic listening skills and have a commitment to use and teach these skills in life and ministry.
  • Be aware of their personal issues and able to develop a personal network for growth.
  • Have a commitment to sound ethical principles related to pastoral ministry.
  • Be aware of their limitations and their ability to diagnose the pathology of individuals, couples, and families and know how and whom to refer people to for needed help.
  • Know the theories and the issues of counseling and the lifespan development of people and be able to apply this knowledge in ministry contexts.
  • Be skillful in program development of pastoral ministry in a church or parachurch environment.
  • Be able to take people from relationship through realization to responsibility.
  • Have a commitment to the application of biblical knowledge and theological foundations in the exercise of ministry skills.


Course Units
TTBE 519 Old Testament Survey pre-req
TTBE 520 New Testament Survey pre-req
TTBE 517 Hermeneutics and Bible Study Methods 3
TTSF 501 Introduction to Spiritual Theology and Formation 3
TTSF 503 Personal Foundations for Spiritual Formation 3
TTSF 504 Spiritual Formation, Vocation, and the Disciplines 1
TTSF 505 Talbot Spiritual Direction I 0
TTSF 506 Talbot Spiritual Direction II 0
TTTH 521 Theology I: God, Scripture, Creation 3
TTTH 522 Theology II: Christ, Humanity, Sin, Salvation 3
TTTH 623 Theology III: Spirit, Church, Last Things 3
TTPT 604 Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy 3
TTPT 628 Marital Counseling 3
TTPT 693 Pastoral Care and Counseling Internship I 1
TTPT 694 Pastoral Care and Counseling Internship II 1
TTPT 695 Pastoral Care and Counseling Internship III 1
TTPT 707 Foundations of Pastoral Care and Counseling 2
TTPT 702 Intermediate Pastoral Counseling 3
TTPT 708 Advanced Pastoral Counseling 3
TTPT 716 Addressing Common Pastoral Counseling Concerns 3
TTPT 725 Counseling Troubled Families 3
TTPT 760 Seminar 1
  General elective courses 6
  Total 49

BOLD courses are now available through an online/hybrid format


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