Master of Arts

Biblical and Theological Studies/Diversified

Units by Discipline
Total Units Price per unit Bible Exposition Intercultural Studies Languages Philosophy Practical Ministry Research / Christian Education Spiritual Formation Theology Electives
49 $592 6 0 0 0 6 3 7 9 18


The student will:

  • Be able to research either the Old Testament or the New Testament using exegetical commentaries and certain tools designed for those with limited knowledge of Greek and Hebrew.

  • Be able to dialog with those who are outside of a biblically centered faith confidently and effectively, applying the knowledge of biblical doctrine to refute errors and to utilize practical techniques of dialog with the intent to reach those who “seek to know the reason for the hope that lies within you.”

  • Be able to articulate a clear theology/philosophy of educational ministry.

  • Have an understanding and appreciation for the teaching- learning process, utilizing a broad range of ministry methods and resources in educational ministry.

  • Be able to plan, administrate, and evaluate an effective educational ministry program at a basic level.


Course Units
TTBE 519 Survey of Genesis-Malachi pre-req
TTBE 520 Survey of Matthew-Revelation pre-req
TTBE 517 Hermeneutics and Bible Study Methods 3
TTSF 501 Introduction to Spiritual Theology and Formation 3
TTSF 503 Personal Foundations for Spiritual Formation 3
TTSF 504 Spiritual Formation, Vocation, and the Disciplines 1
TTSF 505 Talbot Spiritual Direction I 0
TTSF 506 Talbot Spiritual Direction II 0
TTTH 521 Theology I: God, Scripture, Creation 3
TTTH 522 Theology II: Christ, Humanity, Sin, Salvation 3
TTTH 623 Theology III: Spirit, Church, Last Things 3
TTBE 530 Elementary Principles of the Biblical Languages 3
TTCE 600 Educational Ministry in the Church 3
TTPT 510 Evangelism and Follow-Up 3
TTPT 703 Church and Society 3
  Elective courses 15
  Select one of the following 3
ISCL 556 World Religions  
TTHT 726 Cults of America  
TTPH 602 Apologetics  
  Total 49


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