Master of Arts

New Testament

Units by Discipline
Total Units Price per unit Bible Exposition Languages Philosophy Practical Ministry Research / Christian Education Spiritual Formation Theology Electives
64-66 $575 9 19 0 0 1 6 15 14-16


The student will:

  • Have a developing appreciation of the New Testament through application of skills in the areas of Greek language, exegesis, the historical-cultural setting of the New Testament, and biblical theology.

  • Have a developing appreciation for the value of studying New Testament Greek for a better understanding of God’s written word. It is expected that the graduate will use an exegetical methodology for the New Testament on a regular basis throughout his or her lifetime.

  • Personal study and teaching of the New Testament will also be within the framework of:

  • Accurate interpretation of the New Testament in its various genres, especially the Gospels and the Epistles.

  • The life and ministry of Jesus, the apostles, and the early church within the context of the culture of first-century Judaism and the Greco-Roman world.

  • Be able to articulate key critical issues about the New Testament and give perspective on a reasonable and informed solution.


Course Units
BE 517 Hermeneutics/Bible Study Methods 3
SF 501 Intro. to Spiritual Theology & Formation 3
TH 511 Theology I - Revelation & Nature of God 3
SS 510 Theological Research Methodology 1
  Emphasis or Electives 6
BE 520 Survey of Matthew-Revelation 3
HT 514 Historical Theology Survey 3
TH 512 Theology II - Works of God, Angels, Man & Sin 3
SF 503 Personal Foundations for Spiritual Formation 3
SF 505 Talbot Spiritual Direction 0
  Emphasis or Electives 4
TH 613 Theology III - Christ, Salvation and the Spirit 3
BE 519 Survey of Genesis-Malachi 3
SF 504 Spiritual Formation, Vocation & Disciplines 0
  Emphasis or Electives 11
TH 614 Theology IV - The Church and Last Things 3
SF 505 Talbot Spiritual Direction 0
  Emphasis or Electives 12
  Elective 2
NT 501 Beginning Greek I 2
NT 502 Beginning Greek II 2
NT 503 Introduction to Exegesis 3
NT 604 Exegesis in the Gospels 3
NT 605 Exegesis in the Epistles & Acts 3
NT 701 The World of the New Testament 2
OT 603 Elements of Hebrew I 3
OT 604 Elements of Hebrew II 3
  New Testament Electives 6
  General Electives 4-6
  Total 64-66

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