Master of Arts

Old Testament

Units by Discipline
Total Units Price per unit Bible Exposition Intercultural Studies Languages Philosophy Practical Ministry Research / Christian Education Spiritual Formation Theology Electives
49 $621 3 0 12 0 0 0 7 21 6


The student will:

  • Have a developing appreciation of the Old Testament through application of skills in the areas of Hebrew language, exegesis, and the historical-cultural setting of the Old Testament.

  • Have a developing appreciation for the value of studying Old Testament Hebrew for a better understanding of God’s written word. It is expected that the graduate will use an exegetical methodology for the Old Testament on a regular basis throughout his or her lifetime.

  • Be able to research the Old Testament using the exegetical tools of Hebrew language and archaeological and historical studies. It is expected that the insights into the biblical text will be more original and better supported as a result of the exegetical method.

  • Be able to help others understand the textual history, historical accuracy, and key critical issues of the Old Testament in light of the latest findings and based on a thoroughly biblical world view.


Course Units
TTBE 519 Old Testament Survey pre-req
TTBE 520 New Testament Survey pre-req
TTBE 517 Hermeneutics and Bible Study Methods 3
TTSF 501 Introduction to Spiritual Theology and Formation 3
TTSF 503 Personal Foundations for Spiritual Formation 3
TTSF 504 Spiritual Formation, Vocation, and the Disciplines 1
TTSF 505 Talbot Spiritual Direction I 0
TTSF 506 Talbot Spiritual Direction II 0
TTTH 521 Theology I: God, Scripture, Creation 3
TTTH 522 Theology II: Christ, Humanity, Sin, Salvation 3
TTTH 623 Theology III: Spirit, Church, Last Things 3
TTOT 603 Elements of Hebrew I 3
TTOT 604 Elements of Hebrew II 3
TTOT 703 Introduction to Hebrew Exegesis 3
TTOT 720 Studies in Old Testament Introduction 3
TTOT 722 Advanced Hebrew Reading * 2
TTOT 745 World of the Old Testament 3
TTOT 799 Old Testament Capstone 1
  Old Testament Elective Courses ** 9
  General Elective Courses *** 3
  Total 49

* Must be taken for 2 credits, may be taken for 3 credits with the remaining credit counting towards electives.

** Students may count TTBE 519 towards their Old Testament elective courses. Students must include one Semitic language course (TTOT 731 or TTOT 733) and one Old Testament Seminar (TTOT 791).

*** Students may count TTBE 520 towards their general elective courses. 

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