Master of Arts


Units by Discipline
Total Units Price per unit Bible Exposition Intercultural Studies Languages Philosophy Practical Ministry Research / Christian Education Spiritual Formation Theology Electives
66 $575 9 6 0 30 0 1 6 15 5


The main purpose of this concentration is to help the student develop the skills to do philosophy from a Christian worldview. The attitudes and character traits of a Christian philosopher will be fostered by departmental activities, professional modeling, and teaching techniques. Skills necessary for the craft of philosophy will be developed by equipping the student to think critically, conduct high-level philosophical research, and interact with the broader philosophical community. The program is aimed at developing the ability to do philosophy in various ministry programs, such as parachurch and local church apologetics as well as preparing the student for further graduate work in fields such as philosophy, ethics, religious studies, law, political science, and theology.

The M.A. emphasis in Philosophy develops skilled thinkers who clearly articulate to a modern culture the reasons for belief in the Christian faith. The curriculum trains students to use philosophy and ethics in evangelism and discipleship ministries, as well as grounding those who seek this degree as a preparation for further studies in philosophy, ethics, religious studies, law, political science and theology.


  • Qualify for admission to competitive Ph.D. programs in philosophy, ethics or religious studies.
  • Read and utilize specialized professional philosophical journals and relate the material to various challenges to a Christian worldview.

  • Relate sophisticated philosophical material acquired during our program for use in the local church and popular culture.

  • Demonstrate lasting commitment to evangelism, local church ministry and personal spiritual growth.

  • Sustain a vibrant intellectual life as part of an ongoing commitment to following Christ.

  • Provide substantial leadership in one’s sphere of influence and successfully articulate a Christian worldview in one’s respective cultural context.

  • Penetrate the secular university and venues of popular culture (art, media, music) by providing visionary leadership at Christian colleges, seminaries and parachurch ministries in articulating a Christian worldview.

  • Minister effectively in academic, local church and parachurch settings with a spirit of graciousness and humility, standing for truth and fostering community with those to whom the student ministers.


Course Units
BE 517 Hermeneutics/Bible Study Methods 3
TH 511 Theology I - Revelation & Nature of God 3
SF 501 Introduction to Spiritual Theology & Formation 3
SS 510 Theological Research Methodology 1
BE 520 Survey of Matthew-Revelation 3
TH 512 Theology II - Works of God, Angels, Man & Sin 3
SF 503 Personal Foundations for Spiritual Formation 3
SF 505 Talbot Spiritual Direction 0
TH 613 Theology III - Christ, Salvation and the Spirit 3
BE 519 Survey of Genesis-Malachi 3
SF 504 Spiritual Formation, Vocation & Disciplines 0
TH 614 Theology IV - The Church and Last Things 3
HT 514 Historical Theology Survey 3
SF 505 Talbot Spiritual Direction 0
PH 523 Metaphysics I 3
PH 544 Epistemology I 3
PH 547 The Theology & Phil of Science 3
PH 566 History & Norm Sys of Ethics 3
PH 624 Seminar in Ethical Issues I 3
PH 667 Sem in Philosophical Anthropology 3
PH 684 Seminar in Philosophy of Religion 3
PH 685 Seminar in Philosophical Theology 3
  Philosophy Electives 6
  Gen Electives 5
  Total 66

BOLDED courses are available in an Online or Hybrid format

Philosophy Newsletters

The M.A. Philosophy program produces a newsletter—"With All Your Mind"—on a semesterly basis.

More Information

One way to get involved in the philosophy community at Talbot is by participating in the Talbot Philosophical Society (TPS). The TPS page has an up-to-date calendar of all TPS events, links to recent TPS newsletters, a listing of TPS officers, and directions to the Philosophy House, which is where many TPS events are held.

A second way to get involved, for new students, is to attend Boot Camp. This intensive multi-day introduction to the MA Philosophy program helps students acclimate to graduate studies in a philosophy program, especially if they do not have a strong background in philosophy.


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