Track: Multiethnic Church Ministry

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Residency Dates

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The Goal

The average congregation in North America is about ten times less diverse than the neighborhood in which it resides. Growth and interest in how to establish multiethnic churches is rising all across the United States.

This specialty track is intended to assist church leaders to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to impact the world by "making disciples of all the nations" (Matthew 18:19). It focuses on assisting church leaders to become aware of the changing North American ethnic and cultural contexts, and to become competent in planting, growing, and shepherding healthy multiethnic churches.

This track will be team-taught by Dr. Alan McMahan from the Cook School of Intercultural Studies and Dr. Gary L. McIntosh from Talbot School of Theology along with invited guest lecturers.






The Strategy


Year One:

Week #1: Foundations of Multiethnic Ministry

Dr. Alan McMahan
In the first week we undertake a comprehensive study of the Old and New Testament focusing primarily on the evangelistic mandate to disciple all the nations. Attention will be given to a history of the apostolic response and missionary obedience of the church (Matthew 28:18-20), as well as an investigation of God’s desire to reach all people groups. Unit(s): 6

Week #2: Principles and Procedures of Multiethnic Ministry

Dr. Gary McIntosh
In the second week of this residency we will provide an overview of the essential principles and practices of multiethnic church ministry in the North American context. Focus is placed on understanding the historical development of immigration in the USA, as well as understanding cultures, social structures, procedures, methodologies, barriers, and general steps for effective growth of multiethnic churches. Unit(s): 6

Year Two:

Week #1: Models and Strategies for Multiethnic Congregations

Dr. Gary McIntosh
We will offer an exploration of historical and contemporary models of multiethnic and multicultural churches in the first week of this residency. Emphasis will be placed on case studies, visits to multiethnic churches in Southern California, and discussion with pastors from multiethnic churches. Unit(s): 6

Week #2: Understanding the Peoples of Ethnic America

Dr. Alan McMahan
In this second week we will provide an overview of the numerous ethnic peoples in the United States. The course will include a historical analysis of immigration patterns, and descriptive discussion of the cultures of the major ethnic groups present in the USA. Unit(s): 6

Year Three: 

Week #1: Multiethnic Dimensions of Missional Leadership 

Dr. Gary McIntosh
In the first week of this residency we will direct a systematic study of the history and development of leadership theory throughout the last century, with special emphasis on application to missional leadership of multiethnic churches in the United States. Unit(s): 6

Week #2: Leading and Managing Multiethnic Congregations

Dr. Alan McMahan
In the second week of this last residency we will explore the principles and best practices for managing change and conflict in a local church, and will make extensive use of case studies of effective conflict management in secular and Christian organizations. The Thesis-Project process will be presented in this course, with an emphasis in assisting the student to prepare a thesis proposal, as well as teaching how to write and present the final Thesis-Project. Unit(s): 6

The Faculty Mentors

Dr. Alan McMahan

The cohort will be team-taught by Dr. Alan McMahan from the Cook School of Intercultural Studies and Dr. Gary L. McIntosh from Talbot School of Theology along with invited guest lecturers.

Alan McMahan, Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies.  Ph.D. (Fuller Theological Seminary); Th.M. (Asbury Theological Seminary); M.Div. (Alliance Theological Seminary); B.S. (Nyack College).

Alan McMahan has served in churches in North America and on the Pacific Rim as well as taught in the areas of missiology, church growth, leadership, organizational development, and evangelism. He has been active in training undergraduate and graduate students including mid-career professionals, Bible school teachers, pastors, and denominational leaders through the U.S., Canada, and much of Southeast Asia in the effective means to develop leaders and grow churches. He has served as a Vice President for the Alliance Theological Seminary and as the Academic Dean at The King’s College in mid-town Manhattan. He and has wife, Terri, have two sons, Billy and Jonathan, and live in La Mirada, California.

Dr. Gary L. McIntosh

Gary L. McIntosh, Professor of North American Missiology Ph.D. (Fuller Theological Seminary); D.Min. (Fuller Theological Seminary); M.Div. (Western Conservative Baptist Seminary); B.A. (Colorado Christian University)

Gary McIntosh has helped congregations and church leaders in over eighty-seven denominations to increase their fruitfulness in making disciples.  An experienced pastor, and author of eighteen books and numerous articles, he has consulted with over 1,000 churches in North America, Canada, and several international venues.  Dr. McIntosh has served for 25 years as professor of Christian Ministry and Leadership at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University where he teaches courses in pastoral ministry.  Gary and Carol, reside in Temecula, CA. They are the parents of two children and grandparents of six.

Guest Speakers

  • Elizabeth Drury - Freelance Writer
  • Rev. Ken Korver – Pastor, Immanuel Faith Church, Paramount, CA
  • Rev. Henry Kwan - Pastor, First Baptist Church, Flushing, Queens, NY
  • Dr. Mark, DeYmaz - Pastor, Mosaic Church, Little Rock, AR
  • Dr. George G. Hunter III - Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Asbury Seminary, Wilmore, KY
  • Rev. Jay Pankratz - Pastor, Sunrise Church, Rialto, CA
  • Dr. Chuck Van Engen, Professor of Theology of Mission, Fuller School of Theology
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