portrait of Charlie Trimm

Charlie Trimm

Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies

  • Ph.D., Wheaton College
  • M.Div, Northwest Baptist Seminary
  • M.A., Northwest Baptist Seminary
  • B.S., Western Washington University

CV Document (PDF)

Dr. Trimm loves to inspire students to recognize the beauty of the Old Testament and its relevance for the life of the church today. Having served for several years in pastoral ministry, he strives to encourage the spiritual growth of his students in all his classes. He received his PhD from Wheaton College in 2012, writing his dissertation on God acting as a divine warrior in the exodus. His research interests include warfare in the ancient Near East, the family in the Old Testament, and difficult topics relating to the ethics of God in the Old Testament. He is married to Mariah, has four children, Eily, Kellen, Brynne, and Deklan. When he is not teaching, he can often be found watching soccer.


  • Evangelical Theological Society (2003-present)
  • Society of Biblical Literature (2007-present)
  • Institute for Biblical Research (2007-present)


Articles & Essays

  • “Did YHWH Condemn the Nations When He Elected Israel? YHWH’s Disposition toward Non-Israelites in the Torah” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 2012: 521-36
  • “Recent Research on Warfare in the Old Testament” Currents in Biblical Research 10 (2012): 1-46
  • “History of Teaching Greek and Hebrew at Wheaton College” (with Karen Jobes) Article written for Ancient Languages and Bible Professors at Wheaton College (August 2011)
  • “Evangelicals, Theology, and Biblical Interpretation: Reflections on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture” Bulleting for Biblical Research 20 (2010): 379-98

Book Reviews

  • Rüdiger Schmitt, “Der ‘Heilige Krieg’ im Pentateuch und im deuteronomistischen Geschichtswerk,” BBR 22 (2012):125-26
  • Douglas Green, “I Undertook Great Works”: The Ideology of Domestic Achievements in West Semitic Royal Inscriptions, BBR 21 (2011)
  • J. Daryl Charles and Timothy J. Demy, War, Peace, and Christianity, Themelios 36 (2011)
  • Aarnoud van der Deijl, Protest or Propaganda, BBR 20 (2010): 575-76
  • Thomas Dozeman, Exodus, JETS 53 (2010): 163-65
  • David Allen, Deuteronomy and Exhortation in Hebrews: A Study in Narrative Re-presentation, BBR 20 (2010): 137-38
  • Jason DeRouchie, A Call to Covenant Love: Text Grammar and Literary Structure in Deuteronomy 5-11, BBR 19 (2009): 430-31
  • Philip Cary, Jonah, JETS 52 (2009): 366-67
  • Richard Hess and Elmer Martins, eds., War in the Bible and Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century, BBR 19 (2009): 106-7


  • YHWH Fights for Them! The Divine Warrior in the Exodus Narrative (Gorgias: Piscataway, 2014)
  • “West Semitic Warfare,” “Hittite Warfare,” “Egyptian Warfare,” “Baal as a Divine Warrior,” YHWH as a Divine Warrior,” “Israelite Wars of the Judges,” “Israelite Conquest of Canaan,” “Ai,” “Jericho,” “King David as Warrior,” “Qadesh,” “Israelite Religious Guidelines for Warfare,” “Israelite Wars of the United Monarchy,” and “Israelite Wars of the Divided Monarchy” in Wars of Religion: An Encyclopedia of Faith and Conflict (eds. Timothy Demy and Jeffrey Shaw; Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, forthcoming)
  • “Zarethan,” “Jabesh-Gilead,” and “Mizpah” in Lexham Bible Dictionary (Logos; forthcoming)
  • “YHWH the Dragon: Exploring a Neglected Biblical Metaphor for the Divine Warrior and Its Bearing on the Translation of ‟Ap” (with Brittany Kim) The Bible Translator (Forthcoming)


  • ETS Midwest Regional 2012: An Early Example of Contextualization: The Exodus in Moses’ Sermons in Deuteronomy
  • SBL Annual Meeting 2011 (with Brittany Kim): YHWH the Dragon: Exploring a Neglected Biblical Metaphor for the Divine Warrior
  • ETS Annual Meeting 2011: God’s Staff and Moses’ Arms: The Battle against the Amalekites as a Turning Point in the Role of the Divine Warrior
  • ETS Annual Meeting 2011: YHWH the God of Chaos: The Anti-Chaoskampf in Exodus
  • ETS Annual Meeting 2010: “Did God Command Ethnic Cleansing?”
  • ETS Annual Meeting 2009: “A Warrior after God’s Own Heart? The Ethics of the International Wars of David according to the Narrator of 2 Samuel”
  • ETS Annual Meeting 2008: “Theological Interpretation of Scripture and Evangelicals”
  • ETS Northwest Regional 2006: “Do We Have the Exact Words of Jesus?”
  • ETS Northwest Regional 2003: “A Textlinguistic Analysis of Amos 1-2”

Research Interests

  • The Ethics and Rhetoric of Warfare in the Old Testament and the ANE
  • The Old Testament in the Life of the Church
  • Life in Old Testament Times
  • Ancient Near Eastern Background of the Old Testament
Biola University
13800 Biola Ave. La Mirada, CA 90639