portrait of Richard O. Rigsby

Richard O. Rigsby

Professor Emeritus of Old Testament and Semitics

Former Director, Talbot/Bible Lands Program

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Dr. Rigsby, a noted Hebrew scholar, translated Ezra, Nehemiah, and Job for the New King James Bible. He has contributed many articles to Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary, The Holman Bible Handbook, and The Anchor Bible Dictionary. He authored many of the notes and study materials regarding the Old Testament for the Open Bible and the Life Recovery Bible. Dr. Rigsby prepared and recorded lectures and accompanying written material on the Post-Exilic Prophets for The Institute of Theological Studies. He also serves as pastor of a local church and often speaks at seminars and church retreats. Along with Donna, his wife, he leads the Bible Lands Programs: Talbot Israel and Talbot Turkey-Greece.