In Defense of Miracles: A Comprehensive Case for God's Actions in History

by R. Douglas Geivett, Gary R. Habermas, J. P. Moreland (contributing author)

The Dictionary of Historical Theology is a major new reference work designed for anyone interested in the history and development of Christian theology.

With 314 articles covering the key figures, theological movements, and significant texts that have shaped Christian thought, The Dictionary of Historical Theology traces the doctrinal development of Christianity from the early church to the present. Varying in length from 500 to 15,000 words, these entries treat the intellectual antecedents and descendants of the figures or schools of thought covered as well as their influence on the wider development of the Christian tradition.

The 173 contributors to this dictionary are without exception proven experts on the subjects they address. Drawn from international and interdenominational circles, they tell the story of Christianity from a wide variety of perspectives, successfully capturing the great diversity of traditions that make up the Christian community today.

Comprehensive in scope yet concisely written, The Dictionary of Historical Theology is the most accessible and reliable single-volume compendium of Christian thought available.

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