A Revolution in Generosity: Transforming Stewards to Be Rich Toward God

by Walt Russell (contributor)

Give over $100 today and get this personalized state-of-the-art fountain pen free! Become a gold sponsor and your name iwll be featured on our exclusive "wall of fame"! Send in your donation by December 31st and enjoy the benefits of giving on your next tax return! Who hasn't heard fundraising gimmicks like these? Or, who hasn't used these gimmicks on others? As Wes Willmer writes, "Generosity is the natural outcome of God's transforming work in individuals when they are conformed to the image of Christ." Fundraising and giving are not simply "drops in the bucket." Capital campaigns and raising funds go deeper than the money. They are spiritual activities in becoming more like Christ. A Revolution in Generosity is a work by some of the best shcolars and practitioners on the subject of funding Christian organizations. As Willmer writes, "The foundation for realizing a revolution in generosity is understanding the biblical view of possessions, generosity, and asking for resources." With over twenty expert contributors, this book is a must-read for organizations striving to rid themselves of secular asking practices and gain an eternal approach.  

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