Aspects of Reforming: Theology and Practice in Sixteenth Century Europe (Studies in Christian History and Thought)

by Michael Parsons Uche Anizor as contributor to “Luther, the Priesthood of Believers, and the Theological Interpretation of Scripture”

Experts in Reformation studies identify and elucidate areas of sixteenth century reforming activity in Martin Luther, John Calvin and other leading reformers to demonstrate the thoroughgoing nature of the Reformation agenda. The interpretation of Scripture, the centrality of Jesus Christ, the Jewish question, freedom and pastoral insight form the contents of an important section on Luther. The use of feminine imagery for God, the Augsburg Confession, deifi cation, education, and the gospel are treated in relation to Calvin. The final section deals with Oecolampadius, the Son of Man texts in Matthew, justification, texts on difficult deaths and a Trinitarian exegesis of Scripture. By careful reading of both the historical situation and the primary texts this volume adds significantly to our understanding of the period.

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