Look Back, Leap Forward: Building Your Church on the Values of the Past

by Gary L. McIntosh

The rapid changes all around us in the new millennium may cause one of two errors: wishing to return to an idealized past or refusing to look back at all. Both patterns of thinking lead to ineffective churches and communities. Look Back, Leap Forward challenges Christian leaders to balance the two extremes: look back to find the core values that give meaning to ministry and then use them to build the future and take hold of new opportunities.

This book's unique focus presents a holistic picture of how lay leadership, not just clergy, can turn a church around. It is packed with practical examples that may be put to immediate use. McIntosh, a church growth specialist, provides step-by-step guidance to help pastors and lay leaders: -recognize and defeat enemies of the twenty-first century church -heal past wounds -look back to discover purpose, values, and vision for the future -accomplish more by doing less -control finances while leaping forward -develop a long-range plan for effective ministry

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