Love Your God With All Your Mind: The Role of Reason in the Life of the Soul

by J.P. Moreland foreword by Dallas Willard


The mind plays an important role in Christianity. Unfortunately, many of us leave our minds behind when it comes to our faith.

In Love Your God with All Your Mind, J.P. Moreland presents a logical case for the role of the mind in spiritual transformation. He challenges us to develop a Christian mind and to use our intellect to further God's kingdom through evangelism, apologetics, worship, and vocation.

"This exploration into the mind of evangelical Christianity is one of the most courageous books of our time. In language that is thoroughly erudite but compassionate, theological but practical, and scriptural but entirely relevant to today, the author presents the deeper significance of Paul's plea to the Christians at Phillipi: 'Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.'" -D. James Kennedy, Ph.D., senior minister, coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

"This is more than just another Christian book. It is the wake-up call that the church needs today. God gave us minds for a reason. It is crucial that we become like Christ in the way we think. If we heed J.P.'s words, we can counter the culture in which we live, work, think, and minister." -Josh McDowell, Josh McDowell Ministries

"J.P. Moreland exemplifies the Christian mind as it ought to be-tough and analytic, but also generous and caring. Christians who want to develop their minds in the service of Christ couldn't find a better teacher, or a better book for the task." -Phillip E. Johnson, author of Darwin on Trial

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