Staff Your Church for Growth: Building Team Ministry in the 21st Century

by Gary L. McIntosh

Current data show that half of all churches have some form of multiple staff, and many others are considering the addition of professional staff in the future. Gary L. McIntosh has written a comprehensive manual for the twenty-first-century church, focusing on how, why, who, and when to add staff in a way that encourages growth.

McIntosh, speaking from seventeen years of experience as a church growth consultant, carefully analyzes the rationale for multiple staffing. He provides many valuable helps, including:

models for team ministry keys to productive team ministry ways to determine what staff to add techniques for effective interviews steps to managing staff conflict

Charts, graphs, and illustrations throughout amplify the information that goes beyond theory to practical relevance. Pastors and church leaders looking to add staff will find this a vital resource, and those currently serving multiple-staff churches will glean valuable information about achieving a more dynamic team ministry.

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