The Future of Atheism: Alister McGrath and Daniel Dennett in Dialogue

ed. by Robert Stewart; J.P. Moreland (contributor)

The subject of atheism has been much in the news recently with the highly publicized release of radically atheistic books. This helpful book highlights points of agreement and disagreement between Alister McGrath and Daniel Dennett on the topic of the present status of atheism and which worldview, atheism or Christianity, is preferable.
American philosopher Daniel Dennett is currently the Director of the Center for Cognitive Studies and the Austin B. Fletcher Professor of Philosophy at Tufts University. Oxford theologian Alister McGrath is Professor of Historical Theology at the University of Oxford and directs its Centre for Christian Apologetics. A transcript of the dialogue featuring McGrath and Dennett on the subject allows the reader to see in print how both men present their positions in light of the other's.
The volume also provides the reader with a thoughtful assessment of atheism as over against Christian atheism by an interdisciplinary team of philosophers and theologians.

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