Why I Am a Christian: Leading Thinkers Explain Why They Believe

by Norman L. Geisler (Editor), Paul K. Hoffman (Editor), Douglas Geivett (contributing author)

Finally, the expertise of leading scholars and apologists of today collected into one resource! Topics such as relativism, miracles, the problem of evil, and the identity of Jesus are explored with imagery and humor, intelligence and respect by recognized Christian authors. Each contributor also provides a helpful bibliography for additional reading on his particular subject.

Why I Am a Christian is a great book for believers needing assurance that their faith is not only true but reasonable. Noted contributors include William Lane Craig, J. Budziszewski, Norman L. Geisler (also a coeditor), Gary Habermas, J. P. Moreland, Hugh Ross, Peter Kreeft, Ravi Zacharias, and Josh McDowell.

This resource will also interest spiritual seekers and skeptics because of its credible contributors and their willingness to share personal stories of how their lives were changed. Chapters are arranged in a logical argumentative order to aid in breaking down, one by one, intellectual obstacles of faith. The work will draw a broad audience by its unprecedented breadth and depth of apologetic expertise.

Contributors include: Francis J. Beckwith Walter Bradley J. Budziszewski Winfried Corduan William Lane Craig John S. Feinberg Norman L. Geisler R. Douglas Geivitt Gary Habermas Paul K. Hoffman Peter Kreeft Barry Leventhal Josh McDowell J. P. Moreland Hugh Ross Ravi Zacharias

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