Windows to the Ancient World

Edited by Bill T. Arnold et al.
Contributing Author Kenneth C. Way

This honorary volume of scholarly essays celebrates Dr. Samuel Greengus, Julian Morgenstern Professor of Bible and Near Eastern Literature and Professor of Semitic Languages at Hebrew Union Collegeâ€"Jewish Institute of Religion, esteemed teacher and mentor. The contributions are varied in scope, including studies of biblical texts and the ancient Near East. Together, the essays demonstrate the rich and vast field that is the study of the Hebrew Bible and thus highlight the profound and broad influence that Samuel Greengus has had on multiple generations of students, now scholars in a field that he has helped shape. Windows to the Ancient World of the Hebrew Bible is sure to delight the reader and holds unique importance for students of the Hebrew Bible and ancient Near East. It presents innovative research and heralds fine scholarship, representative of an even finer scholar.

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