Institute for Spiritual Formation


Certificate in Spiritual Formation

Program Requirements: 26 semester hours, 20 in spiritual formation and 6 Bible/Theology co-requisites.

The Certificate in Spiritual Formation is an introductory yet intensive program designed to provide some training in lay ministry of spiritual formation in the local church and to give the student opportunity to understand his or her giftedness in order to determine whether the Lord is calling one to more training and preparation for ministry. As an introductory program, it has coursework designed to introduce students to doing soul care and spiritual direction while experiencing personal spiritual direction and various retreats but, unlike the M.A. Soul Care program, does not include (1) actual practice in doing soul care and spiritual mentoring with others in a church or university context or (2) professional supervision from a faculty spiritual mentor regarding the student's practice of mentoring others.

The Certificate program is designed with the possibility of completion within one year.

The co-curricular elements are required in addition to the following classes:

Required Courses


TTTH 511
TTTH 512
TTTH 613
TTBE 519
TTBE 520
Two of the following:

Theology I: Intro: Revelation & Nature of God
Theology II: Works of God, Angels, Man and Sin
Theology III: Christ, Salvation and the Spirit
Survey of Gen. - Mal.
Survey of Matt. - Rev.
TTBE 517 Hermeneutics and Bible Study Methods 3
TTSF 521 Introduction to Christian Spirituality and Prayer 3
TTSF 524 History & Theory of Christian Soul Care 3
TTSF 532 Developmental Spirituality & Contemplative Prayer 3
TTSF 543 Personal Foundations of Spirituality and Retreat 3
TTSF 585 Personal Spiritual Direction (Each semester enrolled) 0
TTSF 621

TTSF 701
Spiritual Formation and Theology Seminar


Spiritual Formation Elective
TTSF 672 Personal Retreat and Formation 2
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