Institute for Spiritual Formation

M.A. Soul Care

Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care

Program Requirements: 56 semester hours, 41 in spiritual formation, and 15 Bible/Theology co-requisites

The M.A. in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care is designed as a professional program for specialized ministry, developed to equip men and women for the ministry of discipleship, spiritual direction, formation and soul care in the local church and for further academic training in spiritual formation. It incorporates elements designed to facilitate personal growth including:

  • Experiential-relational soul work employing the spiritual disciplines within courses along with co-curricular experiences in personal spiritual direction, various retreats, individual psychotherapy and community experiences.

  • In-depth theoretical and integrative course work employing theology and the creation disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, the arts and education to aid in understanding the spiritual life and mentoring.

  • Training and service opportunities in spiritual direction and mentoring through theoretical coursework and professionally supervised practica experiences in a church or university context.

The co-curricular elements are required in addition to the following classes:

Course Units
TTBE 519 Survey of Genesis-Malachi 3
TTBE 520 Survey of Matthew-Revelation 3
TTSF 517 Hermeneutics and the Word in Spiritual Formation 3
TTSF 521 Introduction to Christian Spirituality and Prayer 3
TTSF 524 History and Theory of Christian Soul Care and Direction 3
TTSF 531 History and Traditions of Christian Spirituality 2
TTSF 532 Developmental Spirituality and Contemplative Prayer 3
TTSF 543 Personal Foundations of Spirituality and Retreat 3
TTSF 544 Personal Development and Psychopathology 3
TTSF 577 Soul Care Pre-practicum I and Professional Ethics 3
TTSF 578 Soul Care Pre-practicum II and Professional Referral 3
TTSF 585 Personal Spiritual Direction * 0
TTSF 642 Spiritual Disciplines Seminar 2
TTSF 645 Christian Virtue and the Spiritual Disciplines 3
TTSF 670 Intensive Journey Inward and Retreat 4
TTSF 677 Soul Care Practicum I 2
TTSF 678 Soul Care Practicum II 2
TTSF 701 Spiritual Formation Seminar 2
TTTH 521 Theology I: God, Scripture, Creation 3
TTTH 522 Theology II: Christ, Humanity, Sin, Salvation 3
TTTH 623 Theology III: Spirit, Church, Last Things 3
  Total 56

* Must be taken four times for credit

In addition to these courses, please note the additional co-curricular requirements.

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