Institute for Spiritual Formation

Andrew Yee

Assistant Director of Chapel Programs: Worship and Formation, Biola University

Degree: M.Div. Spiritual Formation Emphasis


Why did you choose to come to ISF?

I wanted to deepen my understanding of discipleship, and spiritual formation seemed like a natural complement. One of the things my degree would provide is a robust understanding of the human makeup and how the Spirit interacts with it. This in turn would help me better look at people's souls, see the brokenness, and be able to point them to a solution for their healing.

How are you using your ISF degree today?

As the ISF Online Program Administrator, my role is to bring ISF's content and degree programs into the digital world. Needless to say, I use my degree everyday to make that happen. One major way is in understanding how we as people are formedthrough an online medium. Spiritual formation online is such a complex topic, and my training in spiritual theology and the dynamics of the human heart is a huge help. Another major way is in understanding the essence of spiritual formation and the concepts taught here at ISF so that I can communicate them well through online classes. In other words, how well do I understand spiritual formation, and how can I best teach that to someone else? Additionally, my growth as a person and the relational skills I gained through my ISF training play a significant role in my ability to relate and get things done on the job.

As a spiritual director, I use the entirety of my ISF experience every time I step into a direction setting. Listening and discernment skills, knowledge of spiritual disciplines, understanding of the different dynamics at play between the human heart and the Holy Spirit...I use it all. Aside from my occupation, my training has been extremely beneficial in my marriage and my parenting, especially with my young children.

Biola University
13800 Biola Ave. La Mirada, CA 90639