Institute for Spiritual Formation

Cate MacDonald

Director of The Academy at Houston Baptist University, Spiritual Director

Degree: M.A. Soul Care


Why did you choose to come to ISF?

God led me to ISF when I wasn't really looking for it, but in many ways, it saved mylife. I had reached a dead end in my faith, feeling that Christianity might not be forme, might not be true. I knew the intellectual arguments for Christianity, but it wasbecoming too difficult to ignore how absent God felt. ISF introduced me to a newway of understanding God, one that not only helped explain his felt absence, buttaught me to embrace it and pray through it and, thankfully, find his presence again.It taught me a new way of relating to God, of which I was in desperate need. 

How are you using your ISF degree today?

In the last few years I've found myself incorporating my ISF training with high school education and youth ministry. In the Fall of 2012, I became the founding Director of The Academy at Houston Baptist University, with the intention of creating a school in which high schoolers can develop their whole souls, not just their ability to take tests. My job has been to create a curriculum and classes that shape the school so that studentsare asked to dig deep and explore how God has worked through the lives and minds of some of the world's greatest writers, philosophers, mathematicians, scientists, musicians, and artists, and how He is, in turn, working in and through themselves.

I am also the Director of Staff and Student Care for Wheatstone Ministries, an organization that invites students into Christian maturity. We host annual camps in which the students are asked to think and feel deeply when confronted with great art, literature, and scripture. During those weeks, I serve as a spiritual director in order to help students and staff process what they're learning and how it effects their relationship with God.

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