Institute for Spiritual Formation

Jennifer Leigh Manglos

Retreat Coordinator

Degree: MA Soul Care


Why did you choose to come to ISF?

Initially I came into ISF wanting to go into college ministry. While there may have been seminary programs that addressed college issues more directly in their curriculum, I was drawn to ISF's practical approach to education and the Christian life. I wanted to go to a seminary program that didn't ignore the individual, but considered the implications of what was being learned in one's real, every day life. What does it really mean to follow God? To pray? Why do I still sin

How are you using your ISF degree today?

I work with the retreat ministry at Saddleback Church. On my team, we provide time and space for our church members to be with God. ISF prepared me for this position in so many ways. I learned how to journey with other people as well as understand what growth and development looks like in the spiritual life. These two aspects have been invaluable to me as I help develop retreat experiences and provide care for our church members. ISF also gave me a space to grow in my own relationship with God. I came into this job with a deeper knowledge that my identify lies in Christ, and not a ministry title.

Biola University
13800 Biola Ave. La Mirada, CA 90639