Institute for Spiritual Formation

Ryan Bohm

Associate Pastor

Degree: M.Div. Spiritual Formation Emphasis


Why did you choose to come to ISF?

I hoped to get a relationship with the Lord on a deeper level. I was trying to discover why my passion and fire burnt out for the Lord. I hungered to feel and experience God again. I was also weary of trying to please God in my own power.

How are you using your ISF degree today?

As an associate pastor, I try to incorporate what I learned at ISF into my teaching/preaching. I put a strong emphasis on prayer and the experience of the Holy Spirit. I also emphasize honesty and authenticity before God while reminding people that God is already well pleased with us as Christians on behalf of the work of Christ.

I also utilize the skills and knowledge I gained at ISF in my interactions with people. I have learned to be patient with others and I allow them to share their stories with me freely. I am also no longer prone to dishing out bible verses, but rather, I enjoy sitting, listening, and being with people, regardless of how messy they are.

Biola University
13800 Biola Ave. La Mirada, CA 90639