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January 28, 2014
Talbot Convocation: Spring 2014 / Scott B Rae by Scott B Rae Dr. Scott Rae speaks at the Spring 2014 Convocation ceremony. He explains the significance of Christians who find their vocation in the work place and urges his audience to understand the church as an equipping ground for the frontlines of the world outside.


February 4, 2014
Success / Tim Culling by Tim Culling Pastor Tim Culling considers how Christians can think about success biblically. He explains that success cannot be measured by the cultural norms of wealth and influence, but should instead be measured by the furthering of the name of Jesus. Pastor Culling urges his audience to value the name of Jesus above their own, walk in humble servanthood, and rejoice in suffering for Christ's name.
February 11, 2014
Cleaning up the mess of the Sexual Revolution / Jennifer Roback Morse by Jennifer Roback Morse Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, President and Founder of the Ruth Institute, discusses the slew of negative consequences to the social changes known as the "Sexual Revolution." She gives particular attention to women who have experienced infertility for the sake of their careers. Dr. Morse shares some of her own story and urges her listeners to actively confront the unsustainable and unbiblical ideas of marriage, sex, and family that permeate today's culture.
February 18, 2014
Temptations / John H Coe by John H Coe Dr. John Coe speaks about the temptation of legalism that Paul writes about in Galatians. He explains from Scripture that "working harder" will never relieve the burden of spiritual failure, because only Christ can redeem and perfect humanity.
February 25, 2014
The Temptation of the Flesh as Vice / John H Coe by John H Coe Dr. John Coe speaks about the temptation of vice that Paul writes about in Galatians. He explains that the will was never intended to continually overcome sin and so it cannot. Rather, it is the character of a person that will establish a consistent rejection of vice. Dr. Coe shares that, since character can only be transformed by Christ, Christians must continually submit their broken desires to God rather than try to fix them on their own.


March 4, 2014
Responding to Crisis / Garrett J DeWeese by Garrett J DeWeese Dr. Garry DeWeese shares David's response to crisis in Psalm 3 as an example of how Christians ought to respond to difficult situations. Dr. DeWeese explains that difficulty is inevitable and so Christians must practice their "emergency practices" even before crisis occurs. Peace comes from confident faith like that of David.


April 8, 2014
How to be a Useful Leader / Steve Choi by Steve Choi Pastor Steve Choi shares seven qualities that are crucial to being a useful leader. He looks at the example of Nehemiah and draws from a variety of other Scriptures to emphasize his points. Pastor Choi encourages his audience to pursue leadership with intentionality because more than just a gift, it is a practice.


March 11, 2014
Spiritual Growth Through Eating God's Food, Pt 1 / Robert L. Saucy by Robert L. Saucy Dr. Robert Saucy discusses the importance of the Word of God to spiritual formation. He explains this through the analogy of food. In the same way that nutritious food produces proper and healthy growth of the body, Dr. Saucy explains, the Word of God nourishes and grows the spirit. By the same analogy, the unhealthy food of sin damages spiritual life. Dr. Saucy emphasizes the power of words to affect people's spirits.
March 18, 2014
Spiritual Growth Through Eating God's Food, Pt 2 / Robert L. Saucy by Robert L. Saucy Dr. Robert Saucy discusses the importance of meditation to spiritual formation. He explains that meditation is equivalent to digesting spiritual food, and must be engaged consistently to bring about change. Dr. Saucy points to the example of David in the Psalms and urges his listeners to meditate on the Word of God so that they will grow and experience greater peace and happiness.


April 1, 2014
Why It's Genuine to be Generous / Chip Ingram by Chip Ingram Pastor Chip Ingram explains why being generous is the intelligent way to live as a Christian. He shares several of his own experiences and points to a number of critical Scriptures to support his statement. Pastor Ingram highlights Jesus' statement that the opposite of God is Mammon, and urges his listeners to break away from Mammon by practicing generosity.
April 15, 2014
Walk Worthy of Our Calling as Followers of Christ / Sean Christensen by Sean Christensen Sean Christensen looks at Paul's exhortation in Ephesians 4 and encourages his audience to walk worthy of their calling as Paul instructed. He explains that gentleness, humility, and unity are critical to loving others and ministering effectively.


May 6, 2014
Follow Me / David Fandey by David Fandey Pastor David Fandey looks at Jesus' instruction to Peter to follow him, noting how Jesus informed him then of the cost at which it would come. Pastor Fandey shares the trials that he and other ministers have faced, explaining that the task of following Jesus is rewarding, but every believer must bear his or her cross.
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