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Christianity in the Greco Roman World Engages Soul and Mind

February 26, 2010

<p>Professor Moyer Hubbard believes that to understand the words of the New Testament, you need to understand the world of the New Testament. That’s the idea behind his new book, <em><a href="">Christianity in the Greco Roman World</a>, </em>which explores the socio-historical background of the New Testament. </p>
<p>“My concern is to help students see that a better understanding of the New Testament world will lead to a better understanding of New Testament texts,” said Hubbard, professor of New Testament language and literature at Biola University’s Talbot School of Theology. </p>
<p>Hubbard explores issues such as education, philosophy and households and family life to provide readers with the premise that a better understanding of the historical and social context will result in a clearer understanding of the New Testament writings.</p>
<p><em>Christianity in the Greco Roman World</em> is unlike any other book written on the New Testament as it combines narrative, historical description and extended reflection on specific issues from the text.</p>
<p>“I wanted a textbook that introduced students to the socio-historical background of the New Testament,” said Hubbard. “I wanted the book to engage a broader readership emphasizing the practical importance of understanding historical backgrounds Unfortunately, this book didn’t exist, so I had to write it myself.”</p>
<p>The book provides information that allows the students to deeply engage the subject, focusing on the setting of Paul’s letters to the churches in Asia Minor and Europe, through narrative.</p>
<p>“Narrative is a powerful vehicle for communicating the truth—as the Bible itself illustrates so well,” said Hubbard. “A good story touches a different cognitive dimension of the reader and has the potential of engaging the soul as well as the mind.”</p>
<p>Hubbard specializes in the Pauline epistles and the Jewish literature of the second-temple period.</p>
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