Sundoulos - Fall 2013

From the Editor

Michael Wilkins, Talbot’s Distinguished Professor of New Testament, says “Dis- cipleship is not just one aspect of the church’s mission, but it encompasses all that the church does.” Talbot keeps that truth central; its mission is “the development of disciples of Jesus Christ whose thought processes, character and lifestyles reflect those of our Lord, and who are dedicated to disciple making throughout the world.”

This issue of Sundoulos touches on three aspects of discipleship. As you will learn from Clint Arnold in our Dean’s Column, Michael Wilkins has retired from his role as dean of the faculty at Talbot, returning more of his time to the classroom. One of Mike’s central research interests and life passions is discipleship – not just a program, not just a method, but lives focused on following Jesus.

And that’s the passion that drives our other contributors to this issue. Ben Shin writes for us about his approach to training Talbot students both in and out of the class- room, with Paul’s lessons about leadership from the Pastoral Epistles providing the main goals for mentoring students. Even when Ben and I were classmates at Talbot together, I always saw Ben spending time with younger students, encouraging them and mentoring them. That desire to shape disciples of Jesus still drives Ben today, as he meets with students and helps them develop biblical leadership skills.

Mick and Rolane Boersma share about another aspect of discipleship at Talbot. In ad- dition to their ministry to Talbot students during their time in seminary, the Boers- mas use Talbot Support Ministries as a platform to serve hundreds of Talbot alumni. My wife and I have often been blessed by the Boersmas’ mentoring friendship, which is why I am so delighted to highlight their service in this issue of Sundoulos.

Your Fellow–servant,
Gary Manning

About Sundoulos

Sundoulos is published by the Talbot Alumni Association for the purpose of ministering to and communicating with alumni and friends of Talbot. All rights reserved. No material can be reproduced without the permission of the Sundoulos editorial staff.

The Talbot journal, Sundoulos (soon'-doo-los), is designed to serve those who have graduated from Talbot and are in full-time ministry. Sundoulos grew out of an influx of requests for some kind of continued support for alumni as they finished their coursework at Talbot. In 1993, it joined with the Alumni newsletter and received a new format. Dr. Bob Saucy was instrumental in the creation of the journal and describes it as “a way we could bring the fruit of the faculty to alumni.”

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