Sundoulos - Fall 2005

Alumni Focus

by Rick Bee

As a two-time Talbot and Christian Education graduate, it is encouraging to see that this issue of Sundoulos is dedicated to the work of the Christian Education program at Talbot School of Theology.

With the state of the church today, and the state of Christian Education in general, a strong Christian Education program like that found at Talbot has never been more important or necessary. And while the program was once perceived to be training to teach Sunday School, that tag is nearly non-existent today. Home Bible study fellowships, adult Bible study groups, counseling and support programs, men’s and women’s outreaches, and numerous other specialty ministries of the church, demand seminary graduates with technical skills and an understanding of Scripture and educational theory, to succeed in a changing church environment.

For many years, Talbot has been blessed with leading faculty in the area of Christian Education. These men and women dedicate their lives to educational and doctrinal research, writing, and teaching. From this dedication, countless churches and ministries have been nurtured, blessed, and multiplied around the world. I am pleased to report as alumni director that the program and school remain as strong and grounded in Scripture as it was when you attended Talbot!

One way to see for yourself is to stay involved with your alma mater! Talbot’s Christian Education department has a volunteer Advisory Board that provides counsel, advice, and direction. The board helps to ensure that what is taught in the classroom remains at the cutting edge of church ministry, while holding fast to the doctrines upon which Talbot was founded. If you would like more information on how you might get involved with this group and are an active practitioner in Christian Education, please contact Dr. Richard Leyda at Talbot School of Theology.

You may also affect the program and Talbot through your financial support of our students and programs. Biola and Talbot have a philosophy of donor support that allows you to direct your giving towards specific programs and projects. If your passion is the education of the church and the preparation of tomorrow’s leadership, your support of Talbot’s programs is invaluable. And every gift is important! I know your prayer, as is mine, is for Talbot and our Christian Education program to remain strong and faithful. Thanks for your involvement to make that possible.

Rick Bee
Biola ’79, Talbot ’90, ‘01
Senior Director of Alumni Relations

Biola University
13800 Biola Ave. La Mirada, CA 90639