Sundoulos - Fall 2005

Campus News

Christians & Politics

In the wake of the November election, many evangelical Christians are looking for ways to become more involved in the government and the political process.

Dr. Kevin Lewis, a theology and law professor at Biola’s Talbot School of Theology, believes Christians need to understand the roles of politics and government before they can become involved.

“We have to differentiate between politics and government,” Lewis said. “Government is about running the state; politics is about getting into government.”

Lewis believes that Christians looking to learn more about God’s role in politics and government should start with the Bible. “God’s teaching provides the ethical basis and process for how Christians should be involved in government.” Lewis suggests taking an appropriate theology course dealing with God’s perspective on law and government, whether available through seminary or the teaching ministry of the local church.

Drawing from his belief that Christians should be involved in government and educated about current political issues, Lewis has founded the Evangelical Legal Society. The organization provides Christians with resources and information on how to participate in law, justice, and public policy from a foundation of evangelical theology.

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Source: Biola News Wire, TOP NEWS, November 2004.

Campus Construction

Record-setting Southern California rains December through February would definitely have caused flooding in the new parking structure had the new flood wall along the creek wall not been completed.

Gym expansion is largely complete. Seating for basketball will increase by 450, from 1,850 to 2,300. Seating for major events such as Convocation, Torrey Conference, and Winter Commencement will increase from 2,400 to 3,200 (3,300 with the later addition of a section of bleachers along the baseline). Above the large, new rest rooms, a second floor addition will accommodate athletic offices, freeing space in the existing gym for expanded instructional space. A wheelchair lift will also be added to provide access to the new offices.

Café expansion was hard-hit by the recent rains. The original plan had been to complete the new kitchen by May 1, and then to begin serving meals in a large tent while the old kitchen and serving areas were remodeled. However, the kitchen will now be delayed until July. The new plan calls for vacating the cafeteria entirely as of April 1, while renovation is attacked full force and in unison. This will mean a 300-person tent for serving and a series of mobile kitchen trailers lined up next to the tent. Hopefully, this will allow completion of the entire project by the beginning of the fall semester.

Tennis court expansion has added two new courts for a total of six, making it possible for intercollegiate matches to be held on campus for the first time.

Horton Hall replacement is scheduled for the start of construction in June 2005. The replacement dorm will occupy the same location, but with greatly expanded capacity.

The School of Business building is targeted to start construction in late summer or early fall of 2005, if final funding is available. The site is at the main campus entry, where the current building is the former President’s Home, occupied for several years by the Biola Counseling Center and now by temporary faculty and departmental offices. This structure will be removed to make way for a new, two-story structure.

Preliminary plans for Myers Hall expansion have been prepared, but the project will not proceed until the necessary funds are raised. The same master plan approval for Horton Hall also included permission to enlarge the previous plan for Myers Hall expansion from 22,000 square feet to 44,000 square feet. This project will address critical classroom and office space needs for Talbot, whose student body has grown to over 900 students, with 51 full-time faculty. Currently, both Talbot classes and faculty offices are spread throughout the entire campus. Several courses each semester are taught in rooms with insufficient seating space.

Source: Ken Bascom, Senior Facilities Planning Director, Inside Story, Feb 11/25, 2005.

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