Sundoulos - Fall 2008

Alumni Focus

The Impact of a Talbot Education

by Rick Bee

In the role of alumni director, I often have the opportunity to see first hand how Talbot alumni are making a difference in ministry literally all around the world. When you begin to count those alumni directing strategic ministries, you realized that hundreds of thousands of lives are touched on a daily basis by Talbot grads. Many graduates are in leadership roles as senior pastors, as CEOs of strategic missions, or other ministry organizations, but all are serving where God has planted them. Leadership like this does not happen by chance, but by education, opportunity, training, diligence, and God's blessing.

This issue of Sundoulos reflects on the importance of understanding both New Testament and Old Testament background for effective expository preaching and teaching. Success in ministry begins with excellent preparation. And young, dynamic, Talbot faculty like Ken Way, teaching in the graduate program, and Mickey Klink, in our undergraduate program, are finding creative ways to teach scripture to the next generation of Christian leaders.

Most importantly, the results we are seeing in the lives of students demonstrate that they are successful in their efforts! Both Ken and Mickey exemplify teaching excellence. In fact, in December, Mickey received the Faculty Excellence award, based on undergraduate student evaluations of faculty members who demonstrate creativity, excellence, and integration of their faith and knowledge in the classroom.

Talbot remains an amazing resource for Biola University, as the 30 units of undergrad Bible that every student will take prepares their heart and mind to seek and serve the Lord no matter what their field of study. Our founding acronym BIOLA (the Bible Institute of Los Angeles) identified the Bible as central, and the Bible remains the central theme of every student's training. Talbot, with our excellent faculty and staff, is the place where life-changing Bible teaching begins.

Thanks for your support of Talbot. In this world of increasingly greater uncertainty, ambiguity, and liberal thought, we can remain confident in the inerrant, unmoved, bedrock of scripture upon which we are founded here at Talbot!

Rick Bee
Biola ’79, Talbot ’90, ‘01
Senior Director of Alumni Relations

Biola University
13800 Biola Ave. La Mirada, CA 90639