Sundoulos - Fall 2008

Faculty Activities

Talbot faculty will be presenting papers at the following conferences:

The 60th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society and its sister organization, the Evangelical Philosophical Society, will be at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, RI, Nov 19021, 2008. Anyone in the vicinity is invited to see further details on the ETS website, www.

John Coe, “Resisting the Temptation of Moral Formation: Opening to Spiritual Formation in the Cross and the Spirit”; William Lane Craig, “Graham Oppy on Infinity in the Kalam Cosmological Argument,” and “Molinism”; Kent Edwards, “Deep Preaching”; Tom Finley, “The Text of Daniel 8:9-14”; R. Douglas Geivett, “Canon and Charismata: Revisiting Warfield’s Cessationist Argument”; Alan Gomes, “The Reformed and Socinian Theological Methods Compared: ‘Mixed Articles’ as a Possible Litmus Test”; Rick Langer, “Integration of Faith and Learning from a Premillennial Perspective”; John McKinley, “Is There a Role of the Holy Spirit in the Hypostatic Union?”; Ashish Naidu, “A Christological Meditation: John Chrysostom’s View of the High-Priestly Ministry of Christ”; Walt Russell, “The Intended Application”; Mark Saucy, “Canon as Tradition: The New Covenant and the Hermeneutical Question”; Erik Thoennes, “Created to Play: Thoughts on Play, Sport, and the Christian Life.”

Panel discussions: Jon Lunde, “Taxonomical Framework,” co-editor, Three Views on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament; Dave Horner and Doug Geivett, contributing authors, C.S. Lewis as Philosopher: Truth, Goodness, Beauty. Another notable presentation at ETS: Barry Corey, President, Biola University, “Servant Syndrome and the Soul.”

Other Professional Society Meetings

Edward W. “Mickey” Klink III SBL National Meeting, Boston, MA, November 2008, “A ‘Dramatic’ Reading of the Fourth Gospel,” and “Johannine Dramatics: A Study of Past Methods and a Proposal for the Future.”

Tim Pickavance 70th Annual Southwest Philosophical Society Meeting, Kansas City, MO, November, 2008, “Properties of Identity and Trivial Indiscernibility”; American Philosophical Association Central Division Meeting, Chicago, IL, February, 2009, “Trivializing Naturalness.”

Upcoming Faculty Speaking, Teaching, and Ministry

Rex Johnson Prepare/Enrich Facilitator Training Workshop, January 17, 2009, Biola University; call Megan Gibson for information and reservations at 562-903-4823.

Joanne Jung Swallowfield Chapel, Kingston, Jamaica, teaching and facilitating weeknight training and weekend retreat for church leaders; one major emphasis will be studying the Bible for life transformation; January 10-22 , 2009; Contact Sharon Nash (Pastor of Discipleship) or David Henry (Lead Pastor)

Erik Thoennes “Pursuing a Passion for Christ,” River Lakes Community Church Bible Conference, Bakersfield, CA, January 15-17, 2009.


Clint Arnold, Michael Wilkins, and Erik Thoennes, were among 95 evangelical scholars who contributed to the new English Standard Version (ESV) Study Bible, released by Crossway Publishing (October 2008). Michael Anthony A Theology of Christian Education, James Estep, Michael J. Anthony, and Gregg Allinson, eds. (Broadman & Holman, 2008).

Clint Arnold How We Got the Bible: A Visual Journey (Zondervan, 2008); general editor, Zondervan Exegetical Commentary series; the inaugural volume of the 20-volume series, a commentary on James, by Mariam Kamell and Craig L. Blomberg, will be published in November.

Ken Berding and Jon Lunde co-editors, Three Views on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament (Zondervan, 2008); Berding and Lunde co-authored the chapter “An Analysis of Three Views on the New Testament’s Use of the Old Testament,” and Lunde wrote the chapter, “An Introduction to Central Questions in the New Testament Use of the Old Testament.”

Ken Berding “John or Paul? Who was Polycarp’s Mentor?” Tyndale Bulletin 58 (2008); “God’s Word or Paul’s Personal Opinion? 1 Corinthians 7:12 in Context,” Biola Magazine, Summer, 2008.

Dave Horner Aut Deus Aut Malus Homo: A Defense of C. S. Lewis’s ‘Shocking Alternative,’” in C. S. Lewis as Philosopher: Truth, Goodness and Beauty, David J. Baggett, Gary R. Habermas, and Jerry L. Walls, eds. (InterVarsity Press, 2008).

John Hutchison “Servanthood: Jesus’ Counter-cultural Call to Christian Leaders,” Bibliotheca Sacra (forthcoming, 2009).

Edward W. “Mickey” Klink III “Expulsion from the Synagogue? Rethinking a Johannine Anachronism,” Tyndale Bulletin 59.1 (2008); “Light of the World: Cosmology and the Johannine Literature” in Cosmology and New Testament Theology, Jonathan T. Pennington and Sean M. McDonough, eds., Library of New Testament Studies 355 (T. & T. Clark, 2008).

Darian Lockett “Purity and Polemic: A Reassessment of Jude’s Theological World,” in Reading Jude with New Eyes: Methodological Reassessments of the Letter of Jude, Robert L. Webb and Peter H. Davids, eds., Library of New Testament Studies 383 (T&T Clark, 2008); “Structure or Communicative Strategy? The ‘Two Ways’ Motif in James’ Theological Instruction,” Neotestamentica 42 (Fall, 2008).

Tim Pickavance “In Defense of ‘Partially Clad’ Bare Particulars,” Australasian Journal of Philosophy (Spring, 2009); “Properties of Identity and Trivial Indiscernibility,” Southwest Philosophy Review (Winter, 2008)

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