Sundoulos - Fall 2009

Alumni Focus

The Impact of a Talbot Education

by Rick Bee

School has started up again! And those of us at Talbot and Biola are reminded daily why we are here, with the influx of the “hungry for knowledge” students, experiencing amazing Bible training, ministry preparation, and the social networking that makes the educational preparation and friendships gained here lifelong! I love this place… And, after 30 years (60 semesters!) of observing new students at Biola and Talbot, it is encouraging to me that, like the changing seasons bring new life, each new class brings much the same hope for future generations of well trained and prepared preachers, teachers, and spiritual leaders for Christ’s church. How exciting and hope-giving is that!

In mid-Summer we were concerned and unsure of how enrollment would hold up, with the economy soft and many students struggling to come up with tuition. Even though education remains one of the only “commodities” that costs more to produce than the consumer is charged, our students (or consumers!) are as affected by this economy as anyone in our culture. And without the help of others, the education we provide would be unaffordable to most of our students.

So, for those of you who have helped make education possible through your gifts, scholarships, and assistance, I want to thank you. We could not do what we do for Christ’s Kingdom without your help! We are greatly encouraged, as enrollment at Talbot is at record levels with more students attending this semester than at any time in our history. We know that some have come because the current economic times have made it imperative for them to continue training for future employment, and Talbot is a great place to do that. Some I’ve talked to have taken the step of entering into ministry after years of consideration, and are feeling the prompting of the Holy Spirit that now is the time. Regardless of how they have been lead to be here, we know that they are a gift from God entrusted to us as educators. So, please join us in prayer for all of our faculty, staff and students as they seek to follow Christ’s call, and for our students, prepare for what God will do in their lives and careers in the years to come.

As a faculty and staff, we are prepared to train the next generation. Our students are excited to be here and ready for the skills, knowledge, and life change that will come from study of the Word of God. Thank you for your strategic alliance with us to accomplish the task before us this semester

Rick Bee
Biola ’79, Talbot ’90, ‘01
Senior Director of Alumni Relations

Biola University
13800 Biola Ave. La Mirada, CA 90639