Sundoulos - Fall 2010

Faculty Activities

Faculty Speaking, Teaching, and Ministry

Dennis Dirks attended the Association of Theological Schools Biennial Meeting, Montreal, in June.  While representing Talbot in the institutional accreditation business of the conference, he also served the association in two roles:  member, Task Force on Revision of the Standards and Procedures (2008-present); member, Committee on Reference and Counsel (2010).

Jason McMartin was a participant in the Calvin Seminars in Christian Scholarship, presenting "Seven Deadly Sins (Capital Vices) in the Christian Tradition," Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan (June 20-July 2).

Scott Rae was the plenary speaker at Acton University, June 15, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He was the plenary speaker at the “Christians in the Public Square Conference,” July 20-23, Melbourne, Australia.  He also presented lectureships at the Presbyterian Theological Centers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia, July 24-30. 

Michael Wilkins The War Within:  Finding Hope for Post-Traumatic Stress (a Day of Discovery television documentary) aired May 23 through June 13 on the Ion Network.  The documentary was filmed in Viet Nam and the United States, with the goal of helping veterans find healing who return from war with PTSD.  Available as a DVD from Day of Discovery.

Talbot Faculty Papers to be presented at the national meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) and Evangelical Philosophical Society (EPS), November 17-19, 2010, Atlanta, Georgia:  Tom Finley "A Fresh Look at the Aramaic of Daniel”; Moyer Hubbard “Kept Safe Through Childbearing: Justification by Faith and Maternal Mortality in 1 Timothy 2:15”; Kevin Lawson “Learning the Faith in England in the late Middle Ages”;  Tom Sappington “Reexamining Common Assumptions regarding Demonic Influence and the Ministry of Deliverance in the Synoptic Gospels”;   Garry DeWeese “St. Paul, Second Adam, and Theistic Evolution”; J.P. Moreland “Graham Oppy on the Argument from Consciousness”; Alan Hultberg “tba”; Rob Price “Divine Obedience and the Trinity of Revelation in Barth”; John Coe “Spiritual Consolation and Desolation: Evangelical Musings on Dark Nights of the Soul,” and “Temptations in Reading Spiritual Classics”; Ken Berding “Who Searches Hearts and What Does He Know in Romans 8:27?”; Steve Porter “Why Read Spiritual Classics?: Three Theological Rationales for the Practice of Spiritual Reading”; Bill Craig “Van Inwagen on Other Gods and Other Uncreated Beings”; Robert Saucy “Is Christ the fulfillment of national Israel’s prophesies? Yes and No!”; Jason McMartin “Reassessing the Biblical Case for Anthropological Dualism: A Response to Joel Green”; Dave Horner “Too Good Not to Be True: A Call to Moral Apologetics”; Andy Draycott “The politics of hearing: teaching Christians to hear for a missionary theology of preaching as public speech”; Rick Langer “Points of Unease with the Spiritual Formation Movement”; Jason Oakes “The task of Evangelical Philosophical Theology in light of Analytical Theology.” Jon Lunde will be on a panel reviewing and responding to Jesus the Messiah:  Tracing the Promises, Expectations, and Coming of Israel’s King, by Darrell Bock, Herb Bateman, and Gordon Johnston (Kregel, 2010).


Moyer Hubbard Christianity in the Greco-Roman World: A Narrative Introduction (Hendrickson:  January 2010).

Klaus Issler “Learning from Jesus to Live in the Manner Jesus Would If He Were I:  Biblical Grounding for Willard’s Proposal Regarding Jesus’ Humanity” in Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care (Fall 2010); “Six Themes to Guide Spiritual Formation Ministry based on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount” in Christian Education Journal (Fall 2010).

Jon Lunde edited the book The Mission of God's People:  A Biblical Theology of the Church's Mission, by Christopher Wright (Zondervan, 2010).

Jason McMartin "The Role of Suffering in Human Flourishing:  Contributions from Positive Psychology, Theology, & Philosophy," co-authored with M. Elizabeth L. Hall (Rosemead School of Psychology) and Richard Langer (Talbot), in Journal of Psychology and Theology (Summer 2010); "Human Flourishing:  The Context for Character Development in Christian Higher Education," co-authored with Richard Langer and M. Elizabeth L. Hall, in Christian Higher Education (Summer 2010).

Scott Rae The Virtues of Capitalism (Northfield Press, May 2010), co-authored with Talbot MA Philosophy graduate, Austin Hill.

Michael Wilkins Matthew, NIV Application Commentary, Korean translation (Solomon Publishing: Seoul, Korea, 2009).

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