Sundoulos - Fall 2012

Faculty Activities

Faculty Awards

Andy Draycott received a Wabash Center grant to participate in their Teaching and Learning Workshop.

Garry DeWeese received the Faculty Excellence Award for Teach- ing for 2012.

Ashish J. Naidu received Biola’s Faculty Research and Development Grant for 2012-13.

Douglas S. Huffman was selected as a Fellow with Biola’s Center for Christian Thought (Fall 2012).

Klaus Issler received the Kern Family Foundation Grant to fund his participation in the Acton Institute.

New Faculty

Talbot welcomes Aaron Devine (B.A., University of Washington, M.A., Talbot, Ph.D. in progress, Fuller Theological Seminary) as a new Assistant Dean. Aaron has served Biola for ten years as an adjunct professor and as the Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions. We also welcome Charlie Trimm (B.S., Western Washington University; M.Div., Northwest Baptist Seminary; Ph.D., Wheaton College Graduate School), who joins the department of Biblical and Theological Studies, specializing in the Old Testament.


Richard Rigsby retired after 37 years at Talbot. Sundoulos incor- rectly reported his years of service. Richard’s presence in the Talbot halls is greatly missed.

Faculty Activities

J. Kent Edwards was keynote speaker at several conferences, including the Ministry Equipping Conference at Pacific Islands Uni- versity on Guam and the Propel Leadership Conference in Albany.

Kevin E. Lawson delivered the 2012 James D. Strauss Lectures at Lincoln Christian University.

Erik Thoennes taught at Forest Home and Hume Lake Camps this summer and will preach in chapel at Trinity Western University in Vancouver in January 2013.

Douglas S. Huffman delivered the Fall convocation address at San Diego Christian College.

John Coe is serving as the interim teaching pastor at Redeemer Church in La Mirada, and ran Spiritual Formation Retreats for Saddleback Church and Rock Harbor Church in the Fall.

Gary L. McIntosh ran seminars on the topic of “Take Your Church to the Next Level” for several denominational groups, and was inter- viewed on the radio show Live From Seattle.

Klaus Issler was interviewed about his book, Living into the Life of Jesus, on radio shows in Detroit, MI and Lewisburg, PA.

Thomas J. Sappington spoke on the the topic of “The Role of Inner Healing and Deliverance in Pastoral Ministry” at the PATI Conference at the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Indonesia in June, 2012.

Rex Johnson and his wife are leading ReUnite, a new marriage ministry in their church. Its goal is to redeem devitalized and con- flicted marriages so that they become pictures of God at work.

Mark Saucy was a speaker at conferences for Living Word Chris- tian Churches in Cebu City, Philippines, and for Hope for People Churches in Odessa, Ukraine.

Talbot Faculty Papers to Be Presented at Scholarly Conferences in 2012-13:

Evangelical Theological Society/ Evangelical Philosophical Society: Uche Anizor, “Jesus, the Royal-Priestly “Reader”: Another Look at the Threefold Office of Christ”; Kenneth Berding, “At the Intersection of Mission and Spiritual Formation in the Letters of Paul”; Andy Draycott, “Green Preaching in a Plastic Church: Prophetic Speech for Creation Groaning Toward New Creation”; Andy Draycott and Garry De Weese, “Understanding Place: The Beginnings of Creation Care”; William Lane Craig, “Truth – Who Needs It?”; John Coe, “Contemplation and Contemplative Prayer: A Theological and Philosophical Exploration”; R. Douglas Geivett, “The Problem of Divine Hiddenness in Contemporary Film”; Douglas S. Huffman, “Historical Competency in New Testament Commentaries”; Gary Manning, “The “Character” of Scripture in the Fourth Gospel: A Literary Analysis”; Ashish J. Naidu, “The Transformation of Fallen Creation: Cyril of Alexandria and John Chrysostom on the Sacramental Implications of Christ’s Baptism”; Victor Rhee, “Christology in Hebrews: Preexistence, Incarnation, and Exaltation of Christ”; Thomas J. Sappington, “Deliverance, Inner Healing and the Process of Spiritual Formation: A Suggested Paradigm”; Mark Saucy, “Personal Ethics of the New Covenant: How does the Spirit change us?”

North American Professors of Christian Education: Freddy Cardoza, “Searching for an Academic Position: Your Professional Networking Plan”; Octavio J Esqueda, Response to the plenary session “Passing the Baton: How do We Engage the Digital Generation in Learning?”; Jonathan H. Kim, “Personhood and Spirituality in Christian Formation”; Kevin E. Lawson, “Nurturing the Faith in Children and Youth in the Middle Ages: Much More Going on than We Thought!”

Other Conferences: Kevin E. Lawson, “Children Learning the Faith in the Middle Ages: Learning from Past Practices for Present Needs” (Children’s Spirituality Conference); Darian Lockett, “Holding Out Hope for the Intruders: The Prophetic Background of Jude’s Offer of Mercy” (Society of Biblical Literature); Gary L. Macintosh, “Five Ways to Start a Turnaround in Your Church” (Society for Church Consulting); Ashish J. Naidu, “Assisting Grace or Transforming Grace? An Investigation of the Motifs of Grace in John Chrysostom’s Exposition of Hebrews” (North American Patristic Society)

Faculty Publications

William Lane Craig, co-editor, Come Let Us Reason: New Essays in Christian Apologetics (B&H Academic, 2012).

Andy Draycott, co-editor and contributor, Living Witness: Explora- tions in Missional Ethics (IVP, 2012).

Edward (Mickey) Klink and Darian Lockett, Understand- ing Biblical Theology: A Comparison of Theory and Practice (Zondervan, 2012).

Ashish J. Naidu, Transformed in Christ: Christology and the Christian Life in John Chrysostom (Pickwick Publications, 2012).

Douglas S. Huffman, The Handy Guide for New Testament Greek: Grammar, Syntax, and Diagramming (Kregel, 2012); editor and con- tributor, Christian Contours: How a Biblical Worldview Shapes the Mind and Heart (Kregel, 2011).

Matt Williams, editor, Ajith Fernando, Comentarios Biblicos con Aplicacion: Hechos (Editorial Vida, 2012); David Garland, Comentarios Biblicos con Aplicacion: Colosenses y Filemon (Editorial Vida, 2012); N.T. Wright, Simplemente Cristiano: Por que el cristianismo tiene sentido. (Editorial Vida, 2012)

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