Sundoulos - Spring 2007

Campus News

Talbot Extends Its Reach

Talbot School of Theology will soon begin offering programs in Kiev, Ukraine and Manhattan, New York.

In March, a Master of Arts degree in Biblical and Theological Studies will be offered in Kiev, in partnership with Kiev Theological Seminary. Classes will be taught by faculty from Talbot’s main campus and from Kiev Theological Seminary along with newly hired faculty from European countries. Talbot alumnus Dr. Mark Saucy (son of Talbot Distinguished Professor of Systematic Theology, Dr. Robert Saucy) is a faculty member at Kiev Theological Seminary.

The decision to open the extension site was made after Talbot officials learned of Kiev’s need for biblical training for pastors, according to David Miller, Biola’s associate director of graduate admissions. The classes, however, will be adapted to the Ukrainian culture, Miller said. The “Cults of America” class, for example – which is a required class on Talbot’s main campus – will be revamped to focus on cults that are growing in Ukraine, like Mormonism. Also, apologetics issues that are addressed in the curriculum will be relevant to Ukrainian culture, like the prevalence of superstition in local villages.

As soon as Talbot receives approval from the State of New York, another extension site is planned in Manhattan, offering a Master of Divinity in Messianic Jewish Studies. Offered in partnership with Chosen People Ministries, this degree will be tailored for Messianic Jewish Christians and those who reach out to Jewish people. Classes will be taught by Talbot faculty and faculty from Chosen People Ministries. Pending State of New York approval, this program will actually be inaugurated on the Biola campus this summer, with approximately 12 students in residency, taking intensive summer courses. Dr. Mitch Glaser, Talbot alumnus, is President of Chosen People Ministries. [Reprinted/edited with permission from Biola Connections, Fall 2006 edition.]

New Talbot Faculty

Talbot full-time faculty now number 55. Faculty additions within the past five years are: Michelle Anthony, Christian Education (2005); Betsy Barber, Spirituality and Psychology (2002); Ken Berding, New Testament (2002); Jane Carr, Christian Education (2002); Kent Edwards, Christian Ministry and Leadership (Director, Doctor of Ministry Program; 2004); Mickey Klink, Biblical Studies (2005); Rick Langer, Biblical Studies (2005); Rob Lister, Biblical Studies (2006); Jon Lunde, Biblical Studies (2003); Fred Mabie, Bible Exposition (2002); John McKinley, Biblical Studies (2006); Ashish Naidu, Systematic Theology (2006); Emilio Nuñez, Biblical Studies (2002); Matthew Williams, Biblical Studies (2002).

These highly-qualified scholar-practitioners have been a tremendous addition to the faculty. We are so grateful for their ministry.

Prayer for Talbot Expansion

The administration, faculty, support staff, and student body, of Talbot invite you to join them in prayer for the planned major expansion of Talbot facilities, which will be the focus of an upcoming development fundraising campaign. The exciting numerical growth experienced by Talbot (19 percent growth since 2003; current enrollment over 1,000), coupled with a substantial increase in the variety of degree programs, has made this expansion a critical need. We will keep you informed of the progress of design and of the campaign, as plans develop. But we are convinced it is both appropriate and essential that the very first foundation laid for this project be our prayers. Will you partner with us?

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